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  1. Bubba281

    What's the best battery to run in an 05 450x?

    I've got a quick rhetorical question..... Is the $160 price tag for a Shorai battery really worth it? Okay yes, there is a 3.17 pound savings. A name brand Lead Acid battery; Yuasa costs approximately $100 give or take depending on where you buy it. Lastly an off brand Chinese battery (I've never heard of) costs anywhere from $25-$40, delivered, via ebay. So in my logic I lean heavily towards the later of the 3 options. I can by 6 of them for the cost of one Shorai. If I by one a year, thats 6 years to brake even. And thats assuming the worst, the off brand battery lasting only one year. It won't make the bike faster. The weight is negligible. There are no cool guy points for your battery brand(it's hidden under the seat). If the battery suddenly stops working there are alternative ways to start the motorcycle. (i.e. kick start or bump start or jumper cables) Are off brand batteries known to start fires? Break open? Leak acid? etc..... I have had by 2005 CRF450X since 2005. Thats 9 years. In 9 years I've gone through 3 batteries including the original. The 3rd battery just went bad this month. They have all been Yuasa's. I have a Battery tender but i have rarely used it. Bike gets ridden once a month, year around.
  2. Bubba281

    California City / Mojave area Water Fill-Up??

    Thank you everyone for your input and advice. I did not realize a simple question regarding water filling would turn so controversial. I am in a situation that 100 gallons(833lbs) of water will make a difference. I am towing a 23ft weekend warrior light hauler with a 1/2 ton f-150. The dry/empty weight of the trailer is just over 5,000 lbs. That means that water weight would be nearly 15%. I know diesel is ideal, but in our nations economical state, I cant see spending the big money on a new truck. Wayne, Thank you for your offer. I am sending a PM now.
  3. I am heading out to the Cal City area this weekend and I am looking for a place to fill fresh water once I am out there. I would like to avoid hauling the extra 1000 pounds until I am closer. I will be coming from the south, up the 14, through Mojave. If anyone knows where I can get water please share. Thanks, Brian
  4. Bubba281

    ANY riding near Palm Springs????

    So i am going on a little get away this weekend with the girlfriend and her family to palm springs. I thought i would load up the bike and go for a ride one morning, that is if there is riding near by. I figure with it being in the middle of the desert there has got to be somewhere to ride, but i have never been there before. IS THERE??? it would be nice to enjoy some wet ground for once maybe even ride in some mud. so yea if you know of a cool(legal) place to ride fairly close to palm springs, PLEASE SHARE.
  5. Bubba281

    XR650L Battery Box

    quick question for one of you who have dont the reloaction mod. i am in the process of moving the battery right now.....the bike is in pieces. what did you guys do with the hose coming up from the rear of the engine case that enitially was routed to get filterd air from the air box?
  6. Bubba281

    650R, 650L, or 450x??

    i am also 5'11" and i own both the crf450x and xr650L; both are 2005. As far as them being too tall....that is a personal issue and maybe a crf150 might suit your needs better because a crf 250 is the same heigth as the 450. If you go from the 650 to the 450, the 450 does feel like a fence because the bike and seat are more narrow, but how could you say that about the 650? Anyways best of luck finding the right sized bike.
  7. I know jetting has been discussed at great lengths on this forum, but i have a specific question. I am headed up to Mammoth, CA (about 9,000ft) in 2 weeks. WILL MY BIKE RUN AS IS OR DO I NEED TO CHANGE JETTING BEFORE I HEAD UP. I have a 2005 XR650L, Dave's Mods, FMF Pipe, K&N Air filter, and Smog Off. I live outside of Los Angeles at about (1,500 ft) and the bike runs great there. I forget what the current jetting is, maybe 58/160 or 58/162.5. It has been 18 months or so since i last tinkered with this bike. Thanks for any advice, especially if you have first hand expierience. Brian
  8. Bubba281

    Rowher & DWF Sunday 4/22

    Hey guys, i just stumbled upon this thread and I WANT TO GO TOO!!!! I live right there near drinkwater, i actually ride there straight out of my driveway. so if it is alright with you all count me in too please.
  9. This may seem like a stupid question to most of you, but i know there has got to be someone else on the same page i am.....LOST. OKAY, i got a GPS for christmas from the girlfriend. The Garmin eTrex Vista Cx. I want to use it for trail riding, to be able to see a map or something. MY BIG QUESTION IS, HOW???? What do all you do with your GPS's. Mine has a basic map that has virtually no details, only major roads and highways. Then i see that Garmin sells a program with the TOPO maps for about 100 bucks. Is that what i need to get? Is it worth 100 big ones or is there a better way to go, regardless of the price. better yet is there something i can get on the internet for free. BASICALLY WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS ELECTRONIC GADGET??? AND HOW DO I USE IT AS ANOTHER TOY TO TAKE RIDING and PLAY WITH????? It almost seems kinda worthless. I took it riding once and when i got back to my truck i got to see a sqiggly line, representing where i had been. Woopdee Doooo!!!!! So someone please enlighten me
  10. Does anyone have or know of a company that sells insurance for dirt bikes. I was thinking mainly for theft or comprehensive. Like many of you i tote my bike around in the back of my truck and park it camp when camping. But bottom line, it is vulnerable to being stollen when i run into a grocery store on the way to a ride or at night when i'm camping, passed out. So if insurance like this exists, how much does it cost? Is it worth it?
  11. So i am looking into getting a quad for my girlfriend to ride and for me to play around on. But the thing is i have only been on a quad once or twice; i ride a crf450, i dont know much about quads. As for the girlfriend, she has never been on anything with a motor. Is the new 07 TRX 250 EX a good choice because of the learner clutch? On the other hand will it have enough power for me to play around on, or do i need to look at the 300 or 400? Any insight would be much apreaciated. thanks.
  12. Bubba281

    Noob jetting questions xr250

    thank you SilverSlug. Does anyone else have anything to add???
  13. Bubba281

    Noob jetting questions xr250

    I recently aquired a 04 XR250R. The bike has relativly low hours(about 60). I instantly took note of two things, it has been poorly maintained (i.e. the oil needed changing, probably never changed). The second is it ran lean. It is the California version, thus it had a 122 main. So i changed that to a 132, as that is the spec for the other 49 states. With these changes, it still runs a bit weird but better. It definatly hesitates when given moderate to large amounts of throttle. Any jetting suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it needs a larger pilot????? Needle possistion change????? Thanks in advance
  14. Bubba281

    Uncorking the 450X

    To all of my friends out there with jetting issues or questions: When I bought my 2005 450X 6 months ago a friend gave me a copy of “The Wrench” by Honda. Which is a document published by Honda for dealers, with the steps to modify a 450X for “Competition Use Only.” Basically it uncorks it and it is no longer stock and does not conform to EPA standards, but it actually runs how it was designed. I went ahead and made most of these modifications after my first ride and I have NEVER had any problems nor did I have to spend any time “dialing” my ride in. If you PM me (WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) I will email you a .pdf copy of the complete instructions; the instructions have diagrams that can be helpful. The following is a condensed version of the process: 4. Replace the standard carburetor parts. • Main Jet (from #142 to #162) P/N: 99101-357-1620, H/C: 0419200 • Jet Needle Change the clip position from #2 to #5 • Leak Jet (from #70 to #65) P/N: 99108-KSC-0650, H/C: 7660558 5. Set the pilot screw to 1 ¾ turns out. 6. Remove the diffuser pipe from the muffler 7. Increase the Airbox opening as follows: • Remove the subframe and airbox • Drill out the two pop rivets holding on the air snorkel and remove it • Cut the section shown inside the raised cut line while wearing eye protection. • Reinstall the air box and the subframe. 8. Cut out the left side cover as shown. 9. Behind the left side cover there is a “natural” color main coupler. On the ECU side of this natural coupler there is a pink wire. Underneath the pink wire is a blank terminal plugged with a rubber cap. Swap the positions of the pink wire and the rubber cap. Reconnect the coupler to the wiring harness. (In modified form, the pink wire is NOT connected to any other wire.) Tips from my experience: This whole process is rather cheap, basically the cost of 2 jets. So go ahead and get an aftermarket T-handle pilot screw for 20 bucks or whatever, so you can make adjustments to that more easily. Another thing to modify while you are at it is Remove the smog pump, another 20 bucks. Also, the Boysen Accel. Pump cover added more instant power, but at $80-$90 I waited until 2 weeks ago to get it and I never had a problem with out it. The last thing, the same buddy of mine who passed these instructions on to me ordered allen head screws in bulk for the bottom of the carb and angled allen wrenches. If you change out the screws while you have everything taken apart, it will make future jet changes or accelerator pump cover changes easier. I did and I know it made it easier to swap my accelerator pump cover a couple weeks ago when I finally had the cash for that mod. So if you want my buddy sells the kit for the screws with the allen wrench for rather cheap, I think 10 bucks. If you PM me I can get you his, so you can do that too. ANYWAYS, if you are actually still reading this GOOD LUCK and have fun.
  15. Bubba281

    Rower Flats, Drinkwater or Gorman ANYONE? ANYONE?

    No, i gotta work