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  1. motomonte

    What size are the heat shield bolts.

    if it's the one on the header pipes it should be a 6mm thread
  2. motomonte

    clutch won't disengage

    i've read it smowhere in this forum not sure if its a fix for an 650R or an L , guess i'll have to take the cover off agsinand put back everything like stock setting by the way it"s an xr650l '05
  3. motomonte

    clutch won't disengage

    After receiving an apparently wrong part number I decided to re-intall the stock clutch disks and plates even tough they were slipping a little bit under hard accel.After reading somewhere in this forum that an extra plate can be added at the bottom of the stack to give more grip I went and bought an OEM plate and installed it(plate at the bottom the disk and so on).The problem now is that even with the clutch lever pulled all the way in it will stall when shifting from neutral into gear,if I don't have the front brake pressed it would lurch forward.I checked the adjustment and there is at least 1/2" of travel in the lever arm at the crankcase.
  4. motomonte

    Tephelon Tape on Oil Plug Threads?

    teflon tape is oil resistant so it should work,however it's meant to seal threads that are tapered.in your case the oil plug does the sealing on the flange not on the threads so it's not going to work properly.if you're in a pinch you can try making some strings out of the teflon tape and wrap them around the end of the thread (kind of making an o-ring)get the proper washer
  5. motomonte

    Supertrapp core stuck

    carbon build-up try soaking on degreaser or some solvent
  6. motomonte

    Laying the bike flat

    Been thinking about draining the oil and gas,as for the tonneau cover I modified the hinges so I can raise it 8-10 inches above the bed rails so the bars should pose no prob.( B.K. I now that those hitches exist but they're not cheap....) Scott,about the brakes,well haven't tought about that...so I'm getting more inclined on laying it on the clutch plates side,that should cover the brakes and oil filter too.I mean I realy will need the bed cover to lock things and keep them safe.
  7. motomonte

    Laying the bike flat

    Greetings fellow thumpers.I'm planning on taking a few days off and will need to tranport my bike in my p-up truck ('05 tacoma dbl cab).I don't have a trailer available so I'll have to load it in the truck bed .I've done this before so I know it will fit .The thing is that I want to carry the bike laying on its side so I don't have to take out the hard tonneau cover.Will this be a problem like the oil leaking,migrating to the combustion chamber or any other sort of problem.Also wich side is better to lay it on.Thanks.
  8. motomonte

    650L wiring question

    what load do you guys think it will be able to handle (amps)i'm plannning to install a power outlet a.k.a. cigarette lighter but don't know it it's too much amperage
  9. motomonte

    Inline fuel filter question.

    been running an inline filter for more than a year with no probs. at all.now that you mention it i think it's time to replace it.(it's a cheap paper based one that is sold for small engines)
  10. motomonte

    Advice from Italia DS riders requested

    what about this guy pierro from italy (the one that built that awesome xr)havent' heard from him in a while.i think his username is cr30.try to give him a chime.
  11. motomonte

    08 XR650L Problem

    possibly an air leak between carb and head,hence the need for the choke (to compensate for the extra air)...
  12. motomonte

    Top speed of an XR650L

    Had mine running up to an indicated (stock speedo)105mph.I don't know if the speedo is above or below actual speed since most of them tend to be a little innacurate .Mind that I took off the tank shrouds and cut 4" form the front fender. Before that there was too much bufetting above 75-80 mph.Bike still feels a little jittery at that speed so I just reach top speed and then back off.I forgot to mention:xr650l '05,isde pipe w/8 disks,158-60 jetting,uni filter,stock gearing,140-18 pirelli a/t rear wheel (this really makes a difference in handling),150lbs rider.If you're not beeing able to pull past 80 either check your jetting or your speedo.
  13. motomonte

    XR650L tank scoops / fins for storage?

    I too tought about it after seeing some guy use the right shroud for an oil cooler.Martinfan may have a point there about the shrouds not being too strong,but they can be strenghtened with fiberglass.Then there's the possibility of using them for storage (spare tube,raingear,etc.) or even for carriyng gas or water.Keep in mind that in some type of crashes they may be vulnerable.
  14. motomonte

    Need help with a rack 95 xr650l

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=651373 check this thread,i meant to post this pics of a cargo rack i fabricated in your thread but ended there...