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  1. Go 2 Stroke, trust me. I had a 2001 CR250R, traded it in on a CRF450R 2005. I just sold the 450 and got myself a YZ250 2004, my point, I've just been on both sides of the coin. The maintenance can get pretty pricey on the 450. I use my bike for MX,Trail Riding and Enduros. The 450R is a racing machine designed for MX. It needs lot's of care and attention, like an expensive sports car. You can shim the valves, and 3 weeks later need to replace them. Can get expensive and time consuming. It's probably quicker to change the piston and rings on a 2 stroke, than shim the valves on a 4. I admit that the 450R is a beast, I think it's way to powerful for most riders not within the professional arena, and I must admit, after a did a very technical race yesterday on the YZ, I'm thrilled I changed. Not quite as powerful as the 450, but it feels way lighter, didn't tire me out like the 450 and much easier to handle. The best thing yet, no worry about those damn valves. If you like to ride alot, especially the type of riding you do, go 2 stroke. They might one day disappear, so ride them whilst you still can....... PS, have you seen the new CR250 2 Stroke with low emissions that Honda have developed. I don't think we are anywhere near the end of 2 strokes.....
  2. Aftermath

    CRF 450R - 05 - Engine Blog

    Anyone out there ever had the following problem? I've noticed that if I'm in first gear on something that's slow and technical, and I need to jump the front wheel up and over something, and I give the throttle a little twist, but very quickly, I get an engine blog, like it's getting to much fuel to quickly or something and stalls. This doesn't happen if you just rev the motor normally, only on a quick twist......Is this just a trade mark of 4 strokes, or is there something wrong? PS- My valves are fine, I check and shim them myself, carb is clean, correct jets and settings for our altitude. I've had this bike for nearly a year now, and love it to pieces, but I could never get my CR250 to blog like this. I don't know, 4 strokes are superb today, but maybe it's time to go back to a 2 smoker.