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  1. sorry, video still frozen of 2009 or even luck of money. Anyway this 2010 we are adding some new races in Baltic. 1. Enduro endurance Rally - 3 stages 2. Enduro Rodeo - 2 stages about two other events I'll write later .
  2. If you liked this, then I'll try to find anothers cenzored, too crazy videos, from our rides , but after the final event on 24th, 25th of October.
  3. Thank you for your great response It use to be a fun, but even more. Not even a making a races, but to ride together with "old" pro's and from them you can learn each ride something new., It's costless
  4. May is fantastic in Latvia! Still a lot of water and mud. Finaly warm and everything become a green . Write PM or e-mail: info@offroadmoto.lv and I can give you more information about offroading and having fun in the Baltic area .
  5. Hey! Crazy offroaders. Maybe somebody from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark wants to get that kind of action in Latvia. OffroadMoto can do that! As you see - we have a plenty of offroad tracks here. Even we have managed to make 0,01 % of all Offroad tracks there. We can do full pull service - it's matter what you want? Off course - the next is Russia. With real plenty of crazy hard enduro tracks. Thank you for your comments and, as my english is not so perfect - go ride and get plenty of fun from that what are you doing !
  6. R3d2

    pics of tough situations

    Choosed wrong way on swamp. 3 km 3 h Wrong choice. Choose your own clear track. Get the speed 2 or 3 gear. Don't drive to fast, becauce you can get in water places which ar very deep and you can get drowned. When you start feel that your rear wheel get in, then use a clutch and when feel that your rear wheel get over, then again you can ride. Stay on your legs to see as much far avoiding big water places where you can get lost in with motorcycle. Avoid green grass - you will get drown there too It's a play against women with scythe Get to the edge of swamp. 1 h tooked to get over of moats. The depth of moat is endless Another nice picture and then more at video http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=831900
  7. Does anybody noticed the last minutes of video - the best and the nicest crahes?
  8. On 24. of October we have the last big ride of this season and we would try to make video of season 2009 This season was taff - more harder tracks and much more offroading
  9. R3d2

    Pretty cool picture

    yipiii nicee feeling
  10. R3d2

    Homemade Dirt bike stuff!

    Not realy dirt bike but it was my first
  11. Here you are and have fun http://vimeo.com/6961274 Preferred to turn sound max