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  1. Yes, the 250/250/450 Six Days/500 are all the same. The EXC-F rear fenders have tabs for screws to hold your light bracket etc. Other than that part you can use any plastic from a 16+ SX-F/XC-F too. The only problem with black plastics is that there still isn't a black headlight mask, only white and KTM orange so far.
  2. Link712

    '17 500 consensus...

    I had a 2015 FE 501 previously, and now I'm on a 17 EXC-F 450 Six Days. I love the new bike, it feels so much lighter and handles great! I always felt top heavy on the 501, and was honestly never "comfortable" on the bike. I ride mostly tight single track and hills, and I feel like I'm finally on the right bike.
  3. Link712

    2017 EXC tail light / license plate set-up

    There are a few options in this thread.
  4. Link712

    2017 450EXCF 6 days stuff

    I went with 13/50 as I ride mostly woods, with the occasional rip around town. I haven't ridden the bike yet, but that's what I had on my 501, and I really liked it. The tires are called a P35, they come mounted on pro wheels when you get the complete set. Pretty sweet deal really, they have rotors, sprockets and everything needed to just throw them on the bike. I'll let you know how they perform when I get a chance to ride a little. Thanks!
  5. Link712

    2017 450EXCF 6 days stuff

    I used the kit Paul sells on ebay on mine (listed above), this is the 2nd light kit of his I've used and really like them.
  6. Link712


    The header on the FE is a little different with the cast for the kick start. The FX and SX bikes don't have that so the header has to be dented a little above where the kickstart would go if you decide to use one of their headers. Hopefully FMF has one out soon for our bikes.
  7. Link712

    2017 EXC 450 FMF header question

    Thank you, I figured someone would ask about a power loss, and that video is a good tutorial.
  8. Im sure you could make them work but you would have to do some drilling. They work with some cycra guards, as they (sicass) are actually zeta guards which are apparently the same as cycra. My zeta guards came with cycra stickers on them.
  9. Link712

    2017 500EXC accessories

    Does anyone know if the plastic swing arm guard is available, or if it's the same as the one for the linkage bike?
  10. Link712

    2017 EXC 450 FMF header question

    The silencer fit is the same on all of these bikes. I'm not sure how the fmf header is, but the SX-F header has to be dented where the kickstarter casting is on the rear of the engine. The SX-F does not have a place for the kick starter so the pipe bend is a little different than our EXC-F's. I put a small dent in the underside of my SX-F header and was able to make it fit with my stock silencer while I wait for the 4.1 to come in. Side note, my FMF header on my old 501 had to be dented in the same area and that header was made for that bike.
  11. Link712

    Pro-Wheel wheels fitment

    You guys looking at the Tusk set up should check out the new Pro Wheel 70-R. They sell these as a complete set up, the website still shows the Hardcore Rim/Tire but this is what they run now. These come with spacers for the smaller, or the new larger axle, tires mounted, sprocket and rotors complete. The easiest wheel swap available and it's $895. Tires aren't brand name, but I've used them before and they are actually a pretty good tire. I just put this set up on my EXC-F last night, not the sprocket and rotors they come with on mine but they are nice slotted wave rotors and a 50T.
  12. Link712

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    For a tail light I used this kit from Paul Garfield on my 15 501, and have one sitting in a box waiting for my six days 450.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KTM-2017-500-450-350-250-EXC-Six-Days-LED-Taillight-with-Integrated-Turn-signals-/192012027338?hash=item2cb4cf05ca:g:o6cAAOSw44BYE28z He doesn't have any listed for the Husky but if you contact him, I'm sure he has them. These light kits are awesome, they are very small but very bright.
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Husqvarna-FE-501-350-LED-Taillight-Integrated-Turn-Signal-w-EE-22-700-/201420666381?hash=item2ee59b760d:g:TY4AAOSwZd1VZLk9&vxp=mtr This is the one I used on my 501 S. It looks great in person and looks as close to a "dirt bike" as you can get and still be legal. It's bright too!
  14. Link712

    2015 FE 501S modifications thread

    They are ordered! Thanks a lot for the info, I've been looking for something like this for quite some time, much appreciated!