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  1. Becca

    Walmart White Trash or am I Clueless

    OMG that made me shower my keyboard with coffee! I can't stand the "smell" of Walmarts...you know...the B.O. mixed with out-house "o-dear"?!
  2. Becca

    Cleaning Boot help!

    Are you talking bout a liner or the full boot? For liner, put it in a lingere sack (it doesn't get too banged up), wash on "delicate" with mild detergent in cool water and then air dry. If your talking about the BOOT boot...spray with warm/hot water then spray simple green and a scrub with a kitchen brush. rinse repeat if necessary. Does the trick every time. (I hope you're not talking bout putting the BOOT in the wash Do you hate your washing machine or something? )
  3. Becca

    Kick start ok for a smaller bike?

    Go with the bike that fits her best. I am 5'2 and started on the DR-Z125L...(still for sale I might add ) I dunno...there is something about a kick that screams pure dirt! Have her start off with it. Let her get the tell tale shin bruises and be able to wear them as a badge of honor. Plus, there is always the saying "If yah can't kick it or pick it up, yah can't/shouldn't ride it"...sigh...and there is always the ease and... well...ease of e-start...but there is nothing like the kick back of a motor on your foot!
  4. Becca

    250 vs. 250

    FYI: I am looking at '05 or '06 on these models. It is really nice to see some responce to this post. I am really interested to hear what you have to say since experience speaks the loudest! My being SHORT (5'2 depending on my posture) is a consideration so I have been concerned re: seat height...which makes the KTM look real nice. p.s. PLEASE don't just look at the post..PLEASE respond to it...because it will really help a fellow rider. Thx
  5. Becca

    250 vs. 250

    Hello all, As I am doing research on 250's (might have buyer for my CRF230F) I am curious to see your reasons for getting the model you did. The bikes currently in the running are the Honda CRF250X, CRF250R, Zook RM-Z250, Katoom 250SX-F, and Husky TC250 or TE250. There is only so much I can learn from staring at specs and drooling on my keyboard. So lemme know the reasons you chose your 250 vs that other 250 and your honest experience since being its proud owner. And yes I will be visiting the contenders so don't say it
  6. Becca

    WOMENS torso gear

    I know what you are saying...try then buy...unfortunately on some of this gear you can't. BUT on a good note...Velocity Gear will ship for free and i know that there is a size chart somewhere. In their size listing they include what the chest measurement is as well as offering 2 lengths, which is nice for shorter torsos. The Knox suit...sigh...is only sold in Europe...BUT they will ship here!!!! and have a printable .pdf measurement chart here:http://www.planet-knox.com/chart.pdf and have a 30 day no questions asked return policy. And if item is defective will refund shipping too. The SixSixOne suits you can check out in stores. Call your local MX gear store and ask if they can order items from Parts Unlimited. They are the distrubuters. EVS and AlpineStar make some too. PS...the TT store carries these last 3 items. Starting on this page http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Parts_Unlimited_Offroad_2005/default.asp?p=159&s=3 to the next page... I hope this helps...ride well
  7. Becca

    Cold/Nasty Weather Gear

    Since the winter season is approaching, I have been on the look-out for appropriate gear. I have been looking at the Fox Girls Dakota Jacket. I like the specs: On top of the best girls enduro system made. Fully convertible from cool-weather coat to warm-weather vest and everything in between, the Dakota handles elements in style. Main materials: Nylon/Polyester Articulated sleeve Girls-specific fit 2 secure pockets 1 napoleon pocket and 1 inside chest pocket Zipper venting at underarm and back body Detachable sleeves for warm weather riding Hydration hose access Does anyone have this or something similar they can recommend?
  8. Becca

    WOMENS torso gear

    Not too sure bout this one...doesn't seem bad though Acerbis NET EVOLUTION Rider Size: S/M L/XL A new item in 2003, now comes with a airflow chest plate, also it has an extended flexible tailbone protection. With reduced weight and maximum ventilation all the components joined together make this product a must for all on/off road riders. • Elastic netted Jersey, padded neck. • Adjustable and removable plastic inserts fixed by hook and loop closure. • Thermoform frame sewed over hypoallergenic padding on breastbone area. • On elbow and coccyx thermoplastic frame. • Dual closure kidney belt. http://www.acerbis.com/p101_deflector/6306.html
  9. Becca

    WOMENS torso gear

    Or yah well stuff that works on women... I have the Acerbis Lady's Fusion II...and have been looking for something less mobil when i ride with excellent portection. I am not going to go with the Dainese for this reason. I it is a "Hit once and forget it" armor suit...Honeycomb construction. So, here is what I have found. from http://highvelocitygear.com/home.html CE EN1621-2 Level 2 Compliant European Tested and Approved Our Armor Actually Exceeds Level 2 Requirements Articulating Spines for High Maneuverability & Ergonomic Comfort Adjustable Shoulder & Forearm Straps Injection Molded Elbow, Forearm, Shoulder, & Chest Protection Removable Pivoting Back Protector Velcro® Kidney Belt System Perforated Moisture Wicking Lycra Soft EVA Padding For Nonabrasive Skin Compatible Armor Sizes = 30 - 33 in chest is xs thru 48 - 52 in for xxl http://www.planet-knox.com/ • CE impact protection for complete upper body. Improved for 2005 - One piece flexible chest protector • Back protector is held in place with an additional waist belt for added comfort • Neoprene wrist bands ensure that the sleeves stay firmly in place • Complete freedom of movement is possible because of the use of lightweight, flexible materials • Extensive use of breathable materials for increased air flow • Newly developed Knox Waist Strap System to fit all sizes • Technically advanced fabrics include L System with Coolmax and antibacterial treatment • Tough tear resistant mesh • Mesh bonded polyetheylene foam for added comfort and breathability • Honeycomb polypropeylene and K Resin protectors sizes are xs - xxl http://sixsixone.com/catalog.aspx?id=021c4794-1c4f-4221-a79d-9cef115babfb&pl=MOTO too many to list so check it out This should be a good start...will post more in a while...does this help?
  10. Becca

    Dirtbikes or Dear Abby?

    heheheh...gonna yank this post and start a new thread gotta love women on a rampage
  11. Becca

    Dirtbikes or Dear Abby?

    I hear yah. I guess we need the Thumpette forum because...hmmm...SANCTUARY!!! (I can't believe I like that movie) Anywho, I don't normally find guys with "personal" experience in womens gear So we come here to ask those who can be objective. We are a few and far between bunch. Build it and they will come. ...SANCTUARY
  12. Becca

    Dirtbikes or Dear Abby?

    Unfortunately, Yes we do need more speciallized gear. See we have curves, a shorter torso, smaller frames, hips, smaller feet...blah blah blah...and BOOBS! See now most people <clearing throat> men say, "Well kids gear is smaller" ...Ahhh...der...yeah we know...have you seen the quality, or lack of on those pieces? Not made to last...you know...like...kids grow and stuff and they will be getting a new item soon anyway so why make it uber special. for example: kidney belt (for me) ends up being a corset...slides up and protects my rib cage...wait...isn't that what armor or a roost is for? hmm Nah, we normally make a primative sound before we huck a shoe!
  13. Becca

    fork springs for a 230

    The diameters of the fork springs are different: 35mm on the CRF150F and 37mm on the CRF230F. Most parts are interchangeable but main differences between these two bikes is wheel size, forks and shock length...and motor obviously.
  14. Becca

    fork springs for a 230

    The BBR heavy duty fork springs for the CRF150F are .48 kg (stock is .21/.48 progressive) and the CRF230 are .53 kg (stock is .21/.51 progressive)....so...don't think so...sorry
  15. Becca

    New To TT

    I love the idea of using the CRF250R as a carrot...should work!! Aaahh...the "doctor" wasn't it's first name. The CHB ("Cold Hearted <clearing throat>" ) was it's first. It came so lean OTB that it took many tries to kick it over and sure to leave a lovely bruise trail up my shin (thx foot peg). So...the fuel screw plug had to be drilled out, reset and rejetted. After that was done...The Doc Z was born. Hmm...kind of a reverse Dr. Jeckel/Mr. Hyde deal now that i think of it. I LOVE THE ELECTRIC START ON MY CRF230F!!! (but I do miss the kick start)