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  1. Symoto

    Bent my bars again - time to decide again

    I have a adjustable mounting position fat bar top clamp in the parts box, it doesn't fit my SM as it's designed to it the 49mm Showa fork S and E I can also find you a good used Magura SX Bar to go with it. I'm 6"3 and they were a perfect combination for me. If your interested PM me and anyone else whos looking, I have some pictures to. Mark
  2. Found these DRZ tuneing parts this morning on ebay times a bit short but they look to notch if anyone is needing them.
  3. Symoto

    Cant find a flywheel weight.......

    probabley because the 2006 has an 18g heaveyer flywheel than the 2005 model and we all bought the new model cos it was cheaper than the flywheel weight
  4. Symoto

    2007 Rmz450

    And the DRZ400 aint bad, my 03 kicker was an awesome bike. I just cant see them having these new models and parts and not upgrading the DRZ line in the next few years. maybe even discontinuing it and replacing with RMZ-X or something. There's some trueth in that but they already droped the kicker in 03 so there's a clear indication that they'er not seriously considering the DRZ motor for off road competition, it's now purely a road orientated model, at least here in europe. Lets see what 2007 brings.
  5. Symoto

    2007 Rmz450

    Sorry boy that's not me but if you think you know more I'll keep my mouth shut and you can tell it, hey.
  6. Symoto

    2007 Rmz450

    Hi All Newby on this list but been watching for a while :-) the 450 RMZ has street registration in Europe since sommer last year, there are several companies converting to Supermoto models of the same. There is a storey going round the SM race community over here that in 2007 Suzuki will bring the 5 speed FI Quad engine powered official Enduro and Supermoto RMZ450 to the market, with road registration. Will let you know what else comes along when I visit the Suzuki Works motocross tuner De Bergs in Belgium next week they already have the factory bikes (our 2007 model) in the workshop to prep for this season motocross world championship.
  7. Symoto

    Yoshimura Graphics

    I think the Red Bull tank/ rad stuff is pretty good to but the whole idea is to have a "full out of the box kit" instead of patching something together. The Yoshi kit on ebay was perfect everything in one go I bid on it to but not fast enough to beet the last second bidders ;-( but that ebay. Still looking but if anyone does get them sorted as a copy I'll take 2 full Yoshi sets at under 200 bucks.
  8. Symoto

    Yoshimura Graphics

    If anyone finds a set or two I'm also looking for them they were the Suzuki Team Off Road graphic from N-Style if I remember correctly maybe if enough folks are interested they'll run them one more time !!!! but it's a big maybe they discontinued them :-( Found the part number #N40-4054 away you go don't forget to give me a call when you find them :-) Mark
  9. Symoto

    Switching Forks

    Sorry for the spam guys but I could use the money for a few new projects :-) I have a set of 2000 E Supermoto forks ready to go on ebay they're in great shape revalved and sprung for an 85 Kg rider, black Carbon Oxide coating on the chrome, with axle and tripple clamps (Alloy E stearing stem) and nearly new bearings. PM me if your interested. I also have this top tripple clamp on ebay right now, beautifully piece of kit but doesn't fit my SM fork :-( http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8032848840&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Loads more parts if anyones interested. Mark
  10. Symoto

    Modded RMZ Vs. DRZ400 Kick Only

    If I have understand your post right, and you do decide to go RMZ 450, I have a set of DRZ 400 E forks sprung and valved with black carbon nitride coating, bilit top clamps with adjustable (Fat bar) mounts and Magure SX bars, I would be interested in the RMZ 450 forks. PM me if you would like to talk.
  11. Symoto

    320mm front brake rotor for SM model

    Braking do a 310mm Wave rotor for the KTM they probabley also make it fit the DRZ centre that they use for the DRZ 320mm Wave. There is no better allround disc on the market and 5mm extra radious on the OE caliper is not going to make much difference to mere mortals like us :-) Combine the wave rotor with race pads and you'll find 310mm is enough. and much cheaper. There is also a rotor from Beringer at 310 and a caliper conversion at around 650 Euros if your real serious like.
  12. Symoto

    goin' supermoto? Need ur dirt setup

    If your going to race your SM then just buy a pair of Pirelli MT60 tires (almost offroad in profile) and learn to ride your bike on those. You're going to have to run 17" wheels in SM racing anyway or you'll not get slicks that fit. It's the best way to find out how the bike you're going to race will actualy handles in the dirt.
  13. Symoto

    What Did you pay for your DRZ400SM?

    New Black 2005 4,800 Euros = 5,660 USD = 3,285 GBP OTD tax paid :-) 2 years warrantee included.
  14. Symoto

    Finished the move to the DARK SIDE!

    All KTM 20mm axle SM, EXC and LC4 wheels between 1997 and 2003 fit the DRZ, you have to make bush / spacers for the 26mm front from 2003 onwards. The cush drive rear wheel fits with a little (about 2mm measure it for yourself) taken of the sprocket side spacer, you also need to make sure you use flat head countersunk allen bolts when mounting the sproket, as the original dome head KTM bolts touch the swing arm when you trim the spacer. The cush drive LC4 Wheel /hub combination takes some of the strain of the clutch but weighs about 1.5 lbs more than the SX hub. There is a disc spacer from KTM for the SMC and other Supermoto models which lets you lign up the disc perfectly in the caliper. I've run the LC4 set up in my race bike with 2 sets of wheels and 3 rear sproket carriers since 2003, I can chnge the rear wheel and maintain the gearing, or change the sproket carrier (gearing) and not the wheel or both in about 2/3 mins. Nice if it starts to rain (as it tends to here in Europe) as you're just going out to the holding area :-) Will post some picture later today. Nope I won't looks like I can't post attatchments maybe an administrator might change that for me ? If not then it'll have to wait, sorry.
  15. Symoto

    SM wheels for a DRZ

    KTM wheels go in without to much hassel, (bit of spacer machining) pre 2003 model LC4s with 20mm axels back and front you'll also need the disc spacer from the 2004 up LC4 Supermoto (I have 5 or 6 if you need one) If your interested in a set of wheels PM me, I'm looking for a set of offroad wheels :-)