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  1. Ned1

    2-ply's Syncro Update

    Holy crap Curt, that is a REAL shame your bus ended like that. I had no idea.... So glad your wife is OK. She's a real trooper, that one. On my way back from a family trip to Bend a couple summers back I saw her following you up I-5 two with hands on the wheel and in deeeeep concentration. Really wished I could pry the time loose to ride my trials bike as often as I'd like :-(
  2. Ned1

    2-ply's Syncro Update

    Holy spaghetti kitchens!! That first pic and the ensuing bucket are making my head hurt...... Sometimes I wished I still had my 87 Syncro Westy...It was my favorite one of all.
  3. Ned1

    Beating the off-season winter blues?

    Me likey that landscape. Winter? Hop on a mountain bike, get out and ride to keep fit and work on some trails while you're out there. Of course my wife isn't too happy with all the trials tire marks on the deck and the new mini trails I'm cutting in my yard . My typical response is "better out here than inside the house"
  4. I rode my '04 for over 35,000 miles and did all my own work if that counts. I don't and never have posted here much. The starter on mine flaked like many of them do. Check all your wiring first, the ground cable might look good on the surface but it does eventually degrade. If it's working intermittently then you'd be best to pull the starter off the bike, disassemble, clean it up and replace the brushes. Or, just buy a new starter. I just kicked mine for 30,000 miles. Bionic left leg now!
  5. Ned1

    ktm 625 sxc lc4 supermoto

    Sounds like you have the 5" rim? the only 160 I ever ran on my SXC motard hoops was the MT60 which was a close fit but did not rub. There's a reason the SMC's have a different swingarm :-) Depending on how bad the rub is, you could slightly shim the sprocket outwards by a mm or two but careful on putting any side load on the chain or it'll wear quick.
  6. *cough* Whistler Bike Park backwards at night with lights *cough*. You wouldn't be the first to do this though. That mention of Canyon Creek. I'm assuming that's up by Damfino Lakes? I rode my MTB on that loop 20yrs ago. I'm a gonna stop in and ride one day on my way up north this summer.
  7. Base of the hill huh? You must ride some of my brother's work on the dark side then. Lots to ride between here and my BC haunts- the only thing lacking is available time.
  8. I heard of a trail or three on the North Shore that would be a prime night ride candidate... on a trials bike. *cough* Dustbin *cough*
  9. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    LOL, I'm all about the hijack, need to keep things entertaining.
  10. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    Sure. Riding down here is different and I use less fuel, plain and simple. It's up and down and not a ton of across unless you choose a couple different up and downs... which I tend to do a fair amount of. Dumb mountain biker types eh?
  11. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    Sorry Doug, I just remember dickering with fuel screw and needle clip to lean it out as best I could. It had the power of a 125 at elevation :-P
  12. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    :smirk:Howdy Doug, I remember you. Congrats on the 315- nice bike when you get a good one. 10-20 per tank for me while riding 3000-8500ft on every type of surface and slope imaginable. Curt is right, my bike suffered and it was partly jetting and a very beat exhaust system. I can tell the difference right away on this far better condition Beta. The seat is of no interest to me but then again my kids and wife are candidates. I'm 6'2 with really long femurs so I'd be looking like a Shriner on a z50. I like the 4L low-on-the-bike solution though. It's way better than schlepping a gallon on your fork crowns. Just gotta man up at the cash register
  13. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    Priceless moments, glad I was around then to remember them now. I'd surmise the Lewis tribe will have the tank but I'd sure like to hear from someone who shelled out for one. Got some ground to cover this year and us young but relatively old MTB guys are finally learning about comfort
  14. Ned1

    Rev3 long ride setup? Got one?

    Curt - hope you're back on the horse and shooting at the cowboys this season; we ride eh? I'm sore as a mutha each and every day but feeling well enough to try standup riding again. That beater 315 I had with the tiny 2L tank sucked fuel at a ridiculous rate and the 2g was necessary for the Scottish riding we do up north. Sorta like Lake Wenatchee to Duncan and back in a day typa thing. Steve! Catcha fire!! when we ride komrade?
  15. Anyone have a setup they want to part with? Or know where there's one sitting on a shelf somewhere in North America? I'm back in the seatless donkey game after riding the injury bench for a couple years and I aint schlepping 2g's of mix on my back anymore....no way... nuh uh. Also, an ask to those in the know, do the Rev3's suck back as much fuel as my old 315 did? Fester, where are ya buddy??