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  1. -=Jughead=-

    Polisport Black Beta Plastic

    At least it ain't a romper.
  2. -=Jughead=-

    What speed does the Xtrainer start to fail?

    Lol...WTF ever happened to personal choice? Seems to be illegal lately... BTW, Beta is listening to those who believe in it still: http://enduro21.com/index.php/40-general/2205-beta-announce-a-new-xtrainer-upgrade-front-fork-kit The BPS-K9 Fork Kit was developed thanks to the cooperation between Beta and RI6V Suspension, which is already producing the standard system. It consists of a K9 spring – more rigid than the serial one (K8) – and with a compression damping adjuster (on the serial left foot fork) and dedicated oil. The new cartridge kit, with its progressive system specifically developed by Beta, enables to meet each riding style requirements. Furthermore, it allows a higher bike set-up, more stability at high speed for an improved riding confidence, maintaining the same comfort and an upgraded front wheel grip and stability at violent bumps. The kit may be fitted on the standard front fork in a short time and it ensures a significant performance’s upgrade. It is recommended for riders who desire a greater support from their front wheels. The new Xtrainer BPS-K9 Fork Kit is already available on Beta Accessories’ catalog. Retail price 319,50 euro (Vat and installation excluded). Further information on betamotor.com
  3. -=Jughead=-


    Can you tap on various areas/surfaces with a rubber mallet, while listening with the naked ear, or using a mechanic's stethoscope? (I got one from HF for like $3.)
  4. -=Jughead=-

    Help me understand why coolant hoses cost $200+

    Then i am basing my experience on this in the above context as my only watercooled DBs have been a '99 CR500 and an '07 450X. OE ones are still pliable and appear OK on those bikes. I might have to bite the bullet on the Beta hoses, or try the less expensive ebay kits.
  5. -=Jughead=-

    Help me understand why coolant hoses cost $200+

    I'm guessing that silicone hoses cost so much more since folks happily pay for them. Oddly enough, they don't really have any redeeming benefit over standard rubber hoses, outside of aesthetics, which I don't care much about. The worse sealing ability is a dealkiller for me, as well. http://www.doityourself.com/stry/5-pros-and-cons-of-using-a-silicone-radiator-hose (YMMV on article accuracy) Downside is there may not be a rubber equivalent kit for modern bikes, so we may be a captive audience. I will probably try the sub $100 ebay kit option when the time comes.
  6. -=Jughead=-

    Anyone Heard of Banshee battery? Are they good?

    I bought an elcheapo battery for my L as I was tired of the $100+ batteries cratering after a year or so from Batteriesplus.com. I figured if I am wasting $, then another $28 just doesn't matter. The new battery has been fine for months. I keep all my batteries on Battery Tenders. My vote is to try it. Most stuff is from China anyway, so might as well not pay the premium, and give this one a shot.
  7. -=Jughead=-

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Anyone buy these as a spare? Price is nice, but not if it fails 5 minutes after you install it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1x-CDI-Unit-to-For-Honda-XR650L-NX650-30410-MN9-000-30410-MN9-790-30410-MN9-791-/322474942740?fits=Model%3AXR650L&hash=item4b15012114:g:UMMAAOSwVctY5X5D&vxp=mtr
  8. -=Jughead=-

    New Model Year Betas - FI 300?

    Interesting technology, and I love the simplicity of it. Thanks for information and the explanatory links.
  9. -=Jughead=-

    New Model Year Betas - FI 300?

    What sorcery does the Lectron use to compensate for altitude/mixture changes?
  10. -=Jughead=-

    New Model Year Betas - FI 300?

    Similar discussions (arguments?) occurred during the migration from points ignition to electronic ignition (CDI, etc.). the new and fragile/sensitive electronics were unknown, and awkward, if not impossible, to make trailside repair. How many carry spare CDI's, or transistors, IC's, and soldering irons in their trail toolkits? Enjoy the ride. It's gonna be OK. http://transmic.net/index.htm
  11. -=Jughead=-

    Xr250 electrical questions

    XR250R's came as AC only. Yours sounds like it has a DS kit on it like BajaDesigns or Tusk. Pull the seat and look for the addition of wiring, as well as a DS kit. Part of the kit was a rectifier for DC power, and it could/should be a small square box, possibly potted with epoxy, attached to a crossbrace for the frame under the seat. Later kits from BajaDesigns put most of the kit behind the headlight shroud.
  12. -=Jughead=-

    Honda crf250r motor

    Not necessarily the wrong forum...I wanna know if it'd fit in a '93 XR250R frame.
  13. -=Jughead=-

    Seat options

    We are about the same height/weight, and I also got the SC DS tall seat. My first impression was, for dual sport riding, it was better than the stocker by a long shot, but still kinda hard for extended sitting that occurs on DS rides. I still need to give it some time.
  14. -=Jughead=-

    Ankylosing Spondylitis

    You talking about fusing vertebrae? I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis as a pre-teen and one of the fixes was to remove discs, take chunks of bone off my hips, and use it to fuse L2/3/4. I opted out and am just careful, but still ride. Fusion, as far as I understood would only result in decreased flexibility, but not by a major amount.
  15. My dealer ran mine for initial performance inspection and validation of operation but it wasn't for a half hour. He was up front about everything he did, and I have no concern over it. Ask yours if they did some heat cycling prior to your acceptance of the bike.