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    Ridding of course, been doing it for almost 40 yrs, and still cant get enough.
  1. captainmarble

    Question on 08 exhaust

    I was HOPING that I MIGHT be able to get a 250X this spring, stepping down from a 450R. Am I understanding it right that you cannot remove and drill out the diffuser on the 2008 like you can in years previously. If that is the case it makes the CCC mods less effective, correct? I drilled the diffuser and did CCC mods to a 230 I had and it really made a difference, just wondering if the option is gone for 08, maybe I should make sure I get an 07. Anyone know? thanks.
  2. captainmarble

    Water pump issues???

    I remember this comming up in the early days of the 450r, but the issue was only the pump seal, some people were having them fail prematurely. I had a 02 450 and an 04 and never had a issue. My son still has his 04 450 and he rides it alot more than I did mine, still not a problem. I think there is a weep hole and if the seal or the pump start to have problems you will see a slight leak from the weep hole. I know thats the way it was on my Goldwing cause I did replace the pump on that.
  3. captainmarble

    MXDN 2007 vid

    Who picked Davey Coombs T-shirt for that spot, I think if I was going to be on international television I would pick something a little nicer than an old West Virginia T-shirt, way to represent the USA>....
  4. Does anybody know if a 2004 CRF50 has a lighting coil in it? I want to put a light on it not to street legal just for a light, Im wondering if it already has the capacity to run one. Thanks.
  5. captainmarble

    Motorcross TV Schedule

    Does anyone know what network is going to telivise the motorcross season? Thanks in advance..
  6. captainmarble

    Closed Course Mod (Full Mod)

    Wow I remember my 1972 XL250 had a wopping 16Hp and weighed 272lbs my how things have changed!
  7. captainmarble

    2007 info

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I thought the 2007 250X had the same head design as the R, better porting ect, seems I read it in a test by one of the dirt bike mags. The guy doing the test actually had a 2004 and he said the difference out of the box was amazing.
  8. captainmarble

    HM CRE F290x

    Could this mean that fuel injection is in the works for the US market? Oh please:worthy: If anyone finds out about a conversion that would be valuable info....I dont understand why they have put fuel injection on the trials bike 250 motor (montesa-honda) and yet still no plans for US? Seems like all the emission problems could be solved that way...
  9. captainmarble

    now this is funny

    I fail to see the humor in this, is it fun to disrespect the people that risk thier lives to protect you? I think the cop will be flipping off that idiot when he finds him in a pile of human flesh on the road side, what goes around ALWAYS comes around......
  10. captainmarble

    Can radiator get fluid from catch tank

    Most places cant fix Aluminum radiators, I have sent mine to MYLARS in Utah, great service, fast and WAY cheaper than a new radiator, my last fix was under $70.
  11. captainmarble

    long Baja Trips w/ the CRF250X

    I have posted this before. There is strong evidence that poor fuel quality is part to blame for vavles wearing prematurley. I belive it was Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider that I read this in. They said if you take your bike with ti valves to Mexico and ride very much on Mexican gas, expect to do the valves when you return. They said even in the states its a good idea to use a fuel additive or mix race gas w/pump gas to get consisitant quality fuel. I use Marvel Mystery oil in ALL my engines. Its like glucosomine for the valves....
  12. captainmarble

    Gotta love the 250X!

    The "valve issue" always seems to come up when people try to compliment thier bikes. I read an interesting story in one of my dirt bike mags recently. The editors were getting ready for a trip to mexico and said that they have found alot of the valve issues with ANY titanium valves is due to poor fuel quality. They said if you take your bike to mexico you can expect to do your valves when you return to the states, then they commented that even in the states the fuel quality consistancy is suspect due to all the additives that companies are using now. I also have a friend in the gas/oil business and he said that if a company pipes say 100,000 gallons of fuel through the pipeline from Texas to Chicago, that trip takes about 2-3 days for that fuel to go the distance, however they may draw the fuel out of the line in 1 day, so who's fuel do they get? they dont really care, its all the same to them......Thats why I use marvel mystery oil in all my fuel. Its the bomb. 4oz to ten gallons of gas, protects the valve train and I get better mileage out of my truck with it too. When I was running two strokes it was amazing in them. Just my two cents, ride on
  13. captainmarble

    Picked mine up tonight!

    Good luck on your sugery WTK, make sure you do as the doc orders and you should expect a good recovery, also use the physical therapy to your benifit. I waited too long to have mine done, used a brace and finished the ridding season out, big mistake, I think I messed up my minicus by doing that Stay focused on your recovery and you should do fine.
  14. captainmarble

    Picked mine up tonight!

    Well I hope your right that you just ruptured your ACL, because you might be over optimistic about when you will ride again. I tore mine and had it reconstructed, took me 6 months before I was back on a bike again. I really wasnt happy with my knee until last year, and that was five years after the surgery. Even now if I hyperextend my knee I have a day of pain to look forward too, but then I lost almost all of my miniscus also. With that in mind I used a Cti2 for walking around right after surgery, and I now use Asteriks Cell braces on BOTH knees when I ride. I didnt tear mine ridding (dont ask) but I cant risk my week knee anymore if I want to do this sport till Im 100 like Malcom..
  15. captainmarble


    Wow those lights on the helmet wouldnt last 5 min in the Michigan woods:eek: , but if you want a switch for the light sickass racing has a tiny handlebar switch that you can use for high/low off and horn or kill, its about 1/2 inch wide and tough. Ive got one and it worked great. You just need some average wiring skill and make your own connectors so you can take the light off when needed.