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  1. Just barely made it to the stadium to catch the 2nd heat of the 250's. I have created and been using a blog to post all my photos, both moto and non, so feel free to check it out. It has a few of my shots from Dallas up now as well as a slew of other photos. I try to updated it daily, so keep checking back (there will be a ton more photos from Dallas in the following days). Here's the link: DJ Burrus Photography (Unique Thoughts) And a link to a sequence of Deano making a picture perfect block pass on Barcia (Full Res): 15 vs 17 More to come, stay tuned and check back often! DJ
  2. yzaddict106

    What does the Complete Nuetral Switch do?

    I actually replaced it Saturday, but now I'm having other issues with the bike... The motor keeps cutting out for some reason...
  3. yzaddict106

    What does the Complete Nuetral Switch do?

    Hey guys, I went riding yesterday with a few buddies and ended up colliding with another rider. As a result the wire of my Complete Neutral Switch was completely ripped in half. I am ordering a new one on Tuesday but was hoping to ride Tuesday as well and wondered if anyone could give me some insight on what exactly this part does. I rode the bike back to the pits after the crash and it seemed fine, but it was only first gear idle, so I really have no idea how this part effects the performance of the motor. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, DJ
  4. yzaddict106

    Klx110 Helpp!!!!!

    does anyone know the ft lb's for the bolts on the cylinder head. We're putting it back on and I dont have my service manuel.
  5. Okay, I'm going to order my exhuast tomorrow for a 2008 klx110 but I am stuck. The D Section Big Bore is recommended for a 143+ which is what i plan on having down the road. But will it hurt the power any to slap it on there now? Which would be better.... a D Section BB on a stock motor now or a D Section on a 143 later?
  6. yzaddict106

    Video of me racin today

    cool little video! What class do you race and where is that track?
  7. yzaddict106

    Lets see some mod bikes!

    Here's mine. finally got the main mods done. It doesnt have much bling yet, but i figured i'd get the mods out of the way first. Ive never had a mod bike before, this is the closest Ive come. I was considering putting on a rev box, hicomp piston, and cams, but its so beastly right now, i dont think there is a need. check it out: 2008 YZ450F ( I bought it and then got a job at a Kawasaki Shop) -2008 KLX 140 Graphics -OzzMods Numbers -MSR Ironman rear Sprocket -Sunstar Front Sprocket -D.I.D. gold chain -MSR Sprocket Bolts -Acerbis Handgaurds and mounts -Acerbis Front brake cover and mount -JM Racing Suspension -Two Brothers Full Exhaust -Dunlop 756 front tire -Dunlop 756 rear tire -Moose levers -Tamer racing Holeshot Device -JM Racing Carb Mod -Power Now accelerator pump cover -Power Now ScaryFast Carb Wing -Twin Air air filter -Engine Ice radiator fluid -Fork Press Bleeder Valves
  8. Will Mike Alessi be returning? Does anyone know?
  9. yzaddict106

    Pics from this weekend.

    Man the memories! My first 125 race in the pyramid. I wont ever forget that. I do remember the name, although, i cant put a face with it. Sorry man, Im embarrassed. Its been way too long since Ive been up there. I am definatly making a trip this summer. I cant believe its been so long. I moved down here over 4 years ago! Thats crazy. Hows the gang and all the tracks up there?
  10. Just thought I would share. I know I'm a noob here, but Ive really taking a liking to this site! These two were taken by KDXChar (on my way to 1 of 3 moto wins. I wanted 4 for 4 but i got a flat sometime during my 3rd moto and had to borrow a bike for the 4th. didnt turn out so well ) (goofing off) And This one is from a few weeks ago
  11. yzaddict106

    Rate the bike above

    7. My old 250f until i can get pics of the new 450
  12. yzaddict106

    Lets see some mod bikes!

    Here is my old 250f. It's actually for sale now, although, for some reasons, I cant get rid of it And here is one of me on my new bike (All Stock) Since that picture Ive added Kawasaki Graphics (I work at a Kawasaki Shop), and a Two Brothers Pipe. I have Chain and Sprockets, Two New tires, a ScaryFast Power Now wing and Accelerator Pump Cover, and a new gas cap on the way. New numbers, CV4 radiator hoses, and engine bling in the future?
  13. There may have been a post like this before, but i went back 5 pages and couldnt find one, so i started my own. So lets see some mod bikes! I want some ideas for mine. Lets see what you guys have! Ill try to get some of my bike up sometime this week. DJ
  14. Hey guys, I just got my Two Brothers System on today. I didnt really plan on getting it but it showed up at the shop, and i got a STEAL on it, so i threw it on. all i can say is WOW! What an amazing difference. If you want, go check out the 08 hop ups thread to see what else was done and will be done! DJ
  15. yzaddict106

    08 hop up's

    Here is what my bike has: 1 bigger on the main jet carb mod (wiring the accel. pump) Two Brothers exhaust system (go to your local dealer and ask to see these in the Tucker Rocky books, and read the gains....7.1 Hp at 5600RPMs and 15% more at 32-5200) JM Racing Suspension Engine Ice (def. throw some in there. the cooler the bike runs, the more efficient it will be) Tamer Holeshot Device Push Button Bleeder Valves for the forks Ozz Mod numbers Custom Humble Kawasaki graphics (I bought the bike then got a job at a Kawasaki Dealership. Oops!) On the way: Dunlop 756 Front and rear ScaryFast Power Now Wing for the carb ScaryFast Accel. Pump cover. Moose Radiator Gaurds gas cap What may happen after: Rims/hubs sprockets misc. bling decal works Numbers Big Gun rev limiter gas tank foam radiator lowering kit high comp piston cams