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  1. ORThumper

    Anybody in the PNW hate singletrack?

    Dez 100 and the Iron man/family poker run.....YeeeeeeHawwww Who's all going??
  2. ORThumper

    All dressed up....

    Love to go riding, but considering the condition tomorrow I'll have to pass.
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    "logically challenged." I think I'll change my screen name to "Logically Challenged" because FlEYEingDubyah said so. Private Message: 25ht team Today, 02:41 PM FlEYEingDubyah TT Silver Member Join Date: Oct 2004 Location: Oregon Posts: 544 25ht team Ohh, some sour grapes out there...Did I ever have one? __________________ www.rutsoregon.org No sour grapes, just wondering what happened. Sounded like you had a team set up after reading your web site.
  4. ORThumper


    can't agree with racershaun??? Hmmm, I do believe I can express my personal opinion. Whether someone likes it or not is a different matter. Anyway..No I do not know the log in question. I was just replying on what we do as far as trail work. As for cutting the logs laying across single track, it's nice to have some clearance when going through it but no enough for a semi to pass through Anyway, enough said on this subject for me.
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    I agree with racershaun. "removed a slick ass log then the next after that that was maby 5ft off the ground, and then two viny maple that always slap ya in the face. I like to hall ass, and I hate having the same piece of brush rip my face off time after time." Having done a fair share of trail work up in the Trask, we always take quads. If it is a single track we will park the quads and walk up the trail if it's not to far to hike. If not, we tread lightly, do our work and be done with it. We always try to preserve the integrity of the trail keeping it single track if that's the way we found it or made it. If riders want crappy trails I know of some that will make your hair stand on end! I personally prefer a good mix. PS. FlEYEingDubyah, what happen to your 25hr team?