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  1. Bought one, very well made, and engages the brake light on my '05 SM. Problem is that there's no stop to prevent it from rotating forward, away from the grip, so it's just flappin' in the breeze when my hand's not on it. Am I missing some mysterious part or is this just how the piece is? There's a hole I suppose I could tap and add some sort of bolt-stop, but for the money this cost it should fit the bike perfectly, as they claim it will. Any comments?
  2. So I used some Goo Gone on the rear fender after de-stickering the bike today and I seem to have fogged/dulled the plastic nicely. Plexus didn't improve things, nor did my old standby, Lemon Pledge. Anyone have any bright ideas, or do I just have to live with it?
  3. Okay, so I just got a new set of Acerbis Rally Sport Handguards for my DR-Z. I'm trying to go for the blacked-out look, and the huge white "Acerbis" logos aren't really doin' it for me. They seem to be painted on - not a sticker or anything. About an hour with my fingernail and some goof-off got a single letter halfway off. So before I work my fingers literally to the bone, anyone got tips for taking these off?
  4. jbsibley

    How cold it too cold for you?

    I fit a dual-star heated grip kit to every one of my bikes: http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Rider/heated_grip_kit5.htm It's only $30 and it lets me ride with summerweight gloves on down into the mid-40's. No expensive/silly lobster gloves, ever. And it's pretty easy to put on. When it gets below freezing, the heated grips, BMW winter gloves, a baclava, and an Aerostich - I can go all day.
  5. jbsibley

    Why the show jacka$$ should never been on TV

    From my website, similar jackassery with sportbikes (nice protection!): http://foryourentertainment.blogspot.com/2005/04/motorcycle-flip.html and snowmobiles: http://foryourentertainment.blogspot.com/2005/02/snow-mobile-almost-jumps-across-street.html Whoops - the first time I posted this I messed up the sportbike link (and it's a GOOD one) - try it again, it works now!
  6. jbsibley

    SM w/IMS 4 gal?

    I can't find that pic in your profile or in the garage, but I'm really interested in seeing it! You can upload a pic to Imageshack or Photobucket and then post a link to it here. Both services are free! I think Imageshack is easier (and doesn't need an acct) but a lot of folks here seem to like Photobucket.
  7. jbsibley

    SM w/IMS 4 gal?

    Does anyone have photos of an SM with the IMS 4 gal tank on it? I'd like to increase my cruising range, but I don't want to change the lines of the bike too much... anyone have comments on the look/feel/function?
  8. jbsibley

    clutch and ignition covers

    Do the e-lines go over the existing covers or replace them? How does the finish stand up to boot rubbing?
  9. jbsibley

    New bars for my SM

    You da man! Thanks for the tip!
  10. jbsibley

    New bars for my SM

    I'd like to put new bars on my SM, can anyone recommend a good set that would set them about an inch higher and an inch further back? Thanks!
  11. jbsibley

    Kisan Pathblazer for my NEW DR-Z400SM

    I used to live in NYC and I rode in midtown on a daily basis. $109 for a Pathblazer on my BMW F650 was one of the best accessories I ever put on the bike...
  12. I'm taking delivery of a new '05 SM tomorrow and I'm trying to round up the parts for my first round of modifications... I never would have known about the UFO tail if it wasn't for this forum, all I would know is that the stocker is UGLY! So I have one of those on the way. I put Hyperlites and a Pathblazer (headlight modulator) on most of my bikes for safety - Las Vegas drivers are awful. To order the Pathblazer, it is critical that I know exactly what sort of headlamp the '05 SM takes. My money's on an H4, but I need to be sure, and I can't find that info anywhere. Can anyone help? Has anyone done this mod? Thanks!