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  1. crabnutz

    running rough

    finally got my parts, and just took it out for a spin. problem fixed so far. ran strong without any of the symptoms i had before. what a fun bike when it is running good.
  2. crabnutz

    I'm looking for a beastly pit bike! Take a look please.

    crf 70 craigslist fun little bike. upgrade as you go. i got a 2005 for 700 bucks. mint condition
  3. crabnutz

    Florida Mini Races!!!

    if i am in town, i will be there.
  4. crabnutz


    are you thinking of the ncc x4x? i think you can special order them from them now.
  5. crabnutz

    Florida Mini Races!!!

    if i show up, i got last place locked up. for sure.
  6. crabnutz

    running rough

    ive replaced my gas cap. i ordered a new coil, stator, and cdi. gonna replace everything and see where i'm at.
  7. crabnutz

    Florida Mini Races!!!

    wish you guys had weekend practices. that drive is too far on a thursday night.
  8. crabnutz

    running rough

    cleaned the carb out real good, i think it has to be ignition as well.
  9. crabnutz

    running rough

    this was all after thursday night at the track. at the end of the night it would not start but it was the end of practice anyway so i didn't think much of it. went out today to put in new pilot jet. and now it will not start for anything.???? getting very weak spark to no spark at all.
  10. crabnutz

    My official Baja DR49 Thread! (Pics & Vid) 56K = No no

    and a dual stage air filter.
  11. crabnutz

    running rough

    So when i first start my bike it starts fine and runs fine for about 30-45 minutes of hard riding at the track. after that it wants to bog till it dies and super bad hesitation. no matter how slow i roll on the throttle. then its a pain in the butt and will not run right for the rest of the day. it gets really hard to start. the jetting seems perfect at first. then the motor just goes away. sound like anything you have dealt with? it's a 08' x4 150. i put this over at pm also. i love riding this bike but it always seems like something is going wrong ending my day early. the valves were just checked and spot on, just to throw that out there.
  12. crabnutz

    any thoughts?

    i tried the 175 mj and the needle is second from bottom still have the 22.5 pj in there and it ran great. i only went up the street and back a couple times, but great improvement. it ran strong.
  13. crabnutz

    any thoughts?

    yeah thats what came in the carb. it ran fine up to a couple of weeks ago. now it's bad. it came with a 155, 165, 175, and 190. got a 17.5, 20, 22.5 pilot with a 25 on order. i will try the 175 tomorrow and see what that does
  14. crabnutz

    any thoughts?

    what main jet are some of yall running on the vm26.
  15. crabnutz

    My new Motovert Pro 150!!! (pics)

    the bike looks nice but check out that lawn.haha