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  1. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    Is that Birch instructing? That dude is awesome.
  2. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    I've got an extra like new barely used pro moto billet kickstand I can sell and ship to him if he's interested :-)
  3. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    Sycamore I'll be staying in Wickenburg at my parents house for 1-2 weeks starting on 12/20. I would love to ride, PM me if you're available and want to do some riding.
  4. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    I was asked by I love bass to compare my yz to my xc, that is the only reason I compared the 2 bikes. The comparison is from my perspective on the trails and altitudes I ride at. 1st and 2nd gear on my YZ at 8-10k elevation are better with 14-52 gearing for me. It's not just for trials type riding, I only brought that up as part of my comparison because I love super technical trails with ledges, logs, etc. The lower gearing works better anytime I come to a stop and have to pick my way up a very technical single track climb that seems to never end. The bike stays cooler due to less clutch abuse and my left hand feels better too. If the stock gearing works well for someone that is great, it works great for me in many situations as well, 14-52 just works best overall for me. I agree with Sycamore about the plushness of the open chamber fork on nasty rough hacky stuff like he rides in AZ. If there are any g-outs or whoops the OC does not work for me, it blows through travels and bottoms excessivily, especially the stock pds rear. I weigh 165 and my 16 xcw suspension is stock. On 1st-3rd gear technical trails the OC is great for me, as soon as speed and g-outs increase I can't wait to get off the bike. The XCW suspension has no progression. People ride at hugely different skill levels, speed, terrain, and aggression levels so all this talk about suspension is really irrelavent, especially on the internet. If you have the same conversation with someone you actually ride with who is a similar level rider and on similar terrain this conversation can have some merit.
  5. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    You hated your SX forks and then you hated your SX forks revalved by someone. Not a true comparison to the 13 XC stock valving I'm riding. The vic I'm talking about is older with a Sprinter van and helps out the owner of tubliss quite a bit. EDIT: It looks like we can at least agree on 2 things. We both like Sycamore and we both think that the 450XCW is a great bike. Probably a 3rd, we love riding dirt bikes!
  6. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    I lowered my XC gearing 2 teeth bigger in the back as well, I like my 2nd gear a certain way and often I felt the gap between gears was bigger than I wanted with the stock XC gearing. Riding at altitude changes things as well. In AZ you mainly ride 2000-4000 unless you head up to Prescott and Flag. All my bikes feel like rocket ships at 2000 feet compared to the 6000-12000 I ride in CO. If you ride Sycamore I can't understand how the XC has a too low 1st, I can see how an XCW 1st would be too low though. Most of my time on my YZ was with the stock pipe which I thought was good other than being made out of material similar to tin foil. Right before I stopped riding the YZ I put a gnarly pipe on and it woke up the bottom noticeably but still not as good as a stock XC. I also feel that the gnarly is decent bottom to top, what I read on the internet says its falls on it's face past mid, I haven't found this on my bike.
  7. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    My 13 XC CC forks work great at Sycamore LOL. I love that place! Do you ride with Troy, Bill, or Vic?
  8. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    I like your thinking. My feeling is that the cylinder (exhaust port raised), head, power valve, and CDI are probably of equal importance to get the X feel. Maybe we could use a thicker base gasket to adjust the exhaust port and then shave the cylinder head accordingly? Probably less hassle to just purchase the X cylinder and head and sell the YZ setup like you suggested.
  9. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    The YZ250 (non X, I haven't ridden the 2T X) is lighter and lighter feeling in motion than my 250 XC. I'm comfortable with the handling of both bikes, I couldn't say this about any of KTM's pre 2011 XC's or pre 2012 XCW's. I actually hated the handling of the earlier bikes. Comparing motors, the XC is better hands down for off road riding for me, I would rather race it too as it is so much less tiring over a long race. It has more bottom end and lugs better than any 250 2T should, touch the clutch (no auto clutches for me) and it takes off. For any rider who knows how to use a clutch I would recommend the 250XC over a 300. I never spin a wheel on this bike unless I want to, it is so smooth and controllable, some might call it slow but it's not, it's called hooking up. The YZ motor has less on the bottom and low mid and when it hits it's fairly violent. To get 1st gear where I needed it for technical high elevation riding I raised the rear sprocket to a 14/52T from the stock 14/50T. In really technical riding, like ledges and slow long rocky steep 1st gear clutching situations (Like what I ride in AZ) the YZ low end power is no where near as good as the XC, YZ can get it done but the XC takes so much less effort in the same situation. As I mentioned I do have a FWW from Steahly on the YZ, mine is one step lighter than the heaviest offered. I would probably get the heaviest FWW if I were to do it again, FWW's do slow down revs a bit but do not reduce power. In my experience FWW's only do positive things off road, especially on a hard hitting bike like the YZ250. The 250XC feels like it has lots of FWW stock, much more than the heaviest FWW for the YZ. The XC loves technical, trials type riding, the clutch works so well it is a joy to hop 2-3' logs and up vertical ledges, I find myself riding it like I used to ride my Gasgas trials bike. It's very confidence inspiring. I ride with my gf often and I used to hate riding my YZ with her, but with the XC it's a joy at slower stop and go riding and the e-start is perfect for this as well. Not that you buy a bike based on which one rides with gf's better LOL but it's just an example of how versatile the engine is on the XC. Living in CO I ride mountains in the summer and NM, UT, and AZ desert during fall, winter, and spring months. For this type of riding my factory connection off road valved YZ suspension is absolutely amazing. It stays up in the stroke very well and has the perfect balance of stiff enough to slam into things but plush enough to not deflect or beat me up on smaller roots/rocks/hack. With clicker adjustments I am comfortable in both extremes of my riding. My XC linkage/CC fork combo is still stock. For me it's not awesome anywhere but it is very good everywhere with clicker adjustments. I'm actually afraid to revalve it for fear of messing it up somewhere, right now it's a very good compromise everywhere. In the mountains I run the comp almost all the way out with lighter rebound, in the desert I'm about 3/4 the way in on the comp clickers with stiffer rebound. I would choose my XC over my YZ for all the riding I do, the YZ is better in some places but overall the XC wins for me. From what I've read about the YZX I think I could get along well with the YZX stock and if I didn't already have my XC I would be considering it, OR converting my current YZ top end/CDI to the YZX setup.... Which I might do anyway :-) So you have an idea of what perspective my opinions are coming from, I ride at an A level on dirt bikes and used to compete at the semi-expert level in trials competitions.
  10. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    Junk? Right. What are you basing this opinion on? They are not as good as Yamaha SSS forks, nothing is, but they are far from junk. 250XC closed chamber forks 11-13 are very good. 4CS forks are junk and I'm not liking the open chamber on my 16 450XCW on anything other than rocks, on rocks the OC fork is good. X2
  11. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    From what I have been able to find you could purchase the following from the X online for just over $1000: - Cylinder - Head - CDI - Power valve I have a 2007 YZ250 with 18" wheel, promoto billet kickstand, flywheel weight, Magura hydro clutch, Less than 10 hour Factory connection suspension, and some other stuff. It's for sale right now (but I haven't listed it anywhere LOL) and I'm considering changing the parts above to smooth it out and get some more bottom/torque out of it. I have a 13 250XC that I really love but I'm attached to this YZ and the Factory Connection YZ suspension is hands down the best I've ever ridden for off road. The pipe is also different but I think the deck height, power valve, CDI, head would make my bike perfect. I also don't care about the wide ratio tranny, I like close ratio off road, it just sucks on transfer sections/dirt roads. EDIT: pick up the latest dirt bike magazine they surprisingly explain in detail all the differences between the YZX and YZ. Cylinder, power valve, head, CDI, and pipe are all definitely different.
  12. projected

    2016 YZ250X

    I'm pretty sure this is why you can get such wildly differing opinions on low end power (or any motor characteristic). People who actually know how to use a clutch versus people who just turn the throttle and want the bike to go. Obviously rolling on at low rpm with a 250 will never compare to a 300.
  13. projected

    2005-08 YZ125 Jetting Chart

    This is a great resource thanks for posting. Is there anyway you can host the image again? Thanks!
  14. projected

    DRZ400E weight issues

    I owned a 2007 YZ450 and a 2007 YZ250 at the same time. On the scale the 450 was only about 10lbs more but when riding it felt like about 30lbs heavier to me. Any 400cc plus 4 stroke is going to "feel" much heavier when riding than a 250cc 2 stroke even when their actual scale weights are close. The US 400E is only 10lbs heavier than the CRF450X and WR450 and I don't notice much difference between the 400E and the 07 WR450 I had. There is a lot of confusion about how heavy DRZ's are due to the US 400S being about 30lbs heavier than the US 400E and the AUS 400E weighing somewhere between the US 400E and 400S. It seems most people lump all DRZ's together as the same bike. I've ridden a stock a S and this is the 2nd 400E I've owned and the difference between the S and E regarding weight feel and power is night and day. The 400E is a great bike and gets a bad reputation due to the 400S. Every time I trail ride my E I get comments when I'm unloading the bike from the guys I'm riding with. "What are you riding that pig for?", "You like riding that?", etc Then we ride and I am similar speed to any other bike I've owned (on rocks only, in the whoops this bike sucks with stock suspension :-) I don't ride it in the desert unless I'm dual sporting). Later in the day people are usually curious and ask to ride it then they all tell me how surprised they are that it rides so well and really isn't a pig after all. You mentioned the XR650R. I just did a 5 day dual sport trip with a freind who has a 650R and we switched bikes a few times during the ride on both fire roads and single track. We both agreed that the 400E was much more maneuverable and felt noticeably lighter than the 650R. Maybe with the S headlight and street wiring on your AUS 400E your bike does feel similar to the 650R in weight.