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  1. Thanks for your help everyone.
  2. Call me an idiot if you want, I am new to the 01 wr 426 world. Doing my first oil change on my brand new bike with out a manual. I drained the lower drain then drained the upper frame oil. Are these two resevoirs linked? Why wouldn't the frame drain at the same time as the lower (bottom of the motor)? Added oil to the frame resevoir, but does not fill the lower. Please fill me in? (I have ordered a manual, just has not arrived yet) if you give me a beating on the responses I can take it. Just please clue me in.
  3. Model: 01' WR 426 Timing: Stock wr Main Jet: 170 JD Pilot Jet: Stock Fuel Screw: ZipTy .. 1.5 out Needle model/Clip Position: JD Blue #4 down Airbox Lid: OFF Pipe: Stock Air Filter: Stock Altitude: 0-3000 ft Temp: 40-65 degrees with considerable humidity Degree of satisfaction:
  4. I have the same bike and same scenario. The aftermarket baja kit uses a capacitor to "hold/store" some electricity for the components while riding. Once the bike is turned off, there is still some electricity in the capacitor available to use until gone. Hence the horn still works for a while etc... My capacitor was placed in the air box, 3 inches long by 1.5 inches in diameter and it is round. Hope this helps. Jim
  5. which of the two was quieter. Jim
  6. I have an 01' 426 dual sported. 2.8 gal. per 100-110 miles. It is great running around town on. It is a little lite if I am on the highway, the drafts and wind really push me around and I am 230 lbs myself. If you are going to do more highway speeds then I would probably opt for a heavier bike, if it is more of a runaround, short jaunts etc... I would dual the 426.
  7. I am new to the area, have a 01' wr426, running rough, need carb work and would like a good, skilled shop, or advice as to what jets are needed and how-to advice. thanks
  8. there is one currently on ebay for sale under the search "yamaha wr" hope this helps
  9. I am in sf california, do you know a very good shop that does an excellent job with jetting and tuneup. I am new to the area and would like it done soon. I am willing to commute 100 miles or so. Let me know. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. New to the four strokes. Puchased used, prior owner stated he rode it last about 2 months ago. I am getting no spark, put in new plug -- no spark. No spark leaving coil. Unfamiliar with readings going into coil and ohm readings with bench test of coil. Does anyone know these values. Let me know. Any suggestions on which wire to bypass kill switch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.