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  1. Tsk350

    Rampart suggestions

    Hey I was curious, how are the conditions down there anyhow? Havent been to rampart in a long time and I plan on doing the fall poker run. Thanks
  2. Tsk350

    Rampart Poker Run 9/14

    Hey does anybody have an injury report for the poker run? I know one guy broke his leg cause I showed up and tried to lend a hand shortly after he did it. But did anything else happen?
  3. Tsk350

    Not liking my wr450

    Well the phrase "use the right tool for the job" comes to mind. If you want to use an MX bike for a WRs job thats your prerogative. But when it gets dark out and you need a light you should probably make camp. When you go on a 60 mile ride in BFE better bring extra gas. When you get into climbing rocks up a steep slope better bring some icy-hot. And for all who say these bikes are too heavy try riding some vintage bikes that made our sport a sport then jump back on your over weight WR and realize how good you really have it.
  4. Tsk350

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Nice bikes I remember when mine used to look like that!
  5. Tsk350

    Not liking my wr450

    Well first off the WR is designed to do exactly what it does off the show room floor it is then that the individual needs to customize there unit to better fit there needs. Hence the reason I asked "What wont your WR do". The WR is not a heavy bike in comparison to its competition. The CRF 450 is 269 wet, the KLX 450 is 268 wet, the KTM 450 is 263 wet, The DRZ 400 is 265 wet and the WR comes in at 260 wet. To me the WR is not big and heavy, maybe a WR 250 is more of what you need if the weight bothers you. Now dont get me wrong im a horsepower junky everything I own is highly modified thats just me. I just dont think its right to bash a product that is trying to cover a broad spectrum of uses. The WR is used family recreational riding to woods racing all the way to full all out desert racing. Sorry if I rambled on but I bleed blue.
  6. Tsk350

    Moab Camping

    Tombstone rock! Great place! Just do a search on how to get there, its well know but hardly used!
  7. Tsk350

    Not liking my wr450

    Hey I'll let you guys in on a little secret. I keep reading about how your not happy with the power output on your WR well im curious what your WR wont do? Instead of wasting to much time and money on mods try honing your skills. A good rider can do amazing things with even the modest of bikes. I should know I have 13000 in my bike and get passed like im standing still. Horsepower is great in the sand and desert but technique is used all the time. Now dont get me wrong there are some things that need to be done to the bikes but I have learned its not all in the motor. just my .02
  8. Tsk350

    2008 rhino info

    So this puts potential buyers between a rock and a hard place. Do you wait for the propossed huge improvements or do you buy now and make your own upgrades? For me if its got the 700 with EFI in it then one will be in the drive way. Although it would be nice to have the power steering.
  9. Tsk350

    Blaster & Banshee - same front shocks?

    What are you talking about????? I didnt know banshees had shocks!!!! Where do they hide them???? All I had on my banshee are things that looked like shocks!! So I spent 3500 on custom suspention and now I have shocks on my banshee!! GO FIGURE!!!!
  10. Tsk350

    2008 Rhino

    Well I have a Banshee with 78 rear wheel horsepower, A WR450 That has around 15000 invested, a Raptor with some bolt on mods and a grizzly that is as stock as one can get. Now for the reason I want/need a rhino is for my wife and daughter to enjoy nature while it is still nature and we are allowed to do so. And the fact that I live on a ranch and need a unit that can work as well as play and for the biggest reason is that I need a new toy to customize and there are no other better options in my mind! :bonk:
  11. Tsk350

    Yamaha 2008 Rhino

    So what I was wondering has anybody heard anything on the 2008 model? I was curious if they are going to upsize the engine to the 700 and if they will be puttin on the power steering and with the 700 fuel injection!? I am holding off on buying one just in case they make the improvements. Any rumers or even better facts would be great and I thank you in advance!!
  12. Tsk350

    Updated Pics of the Rhino

    Not unless your an ass like most quad riders!! ( I said most not all ).
  13. Tsk350

    Walsenburg? Gardner?

    Hey my wife has talked me into going to some of her Dads friends land in the Gardner area for "some riding" this weekend, Does anybody know of any real trails in the area? After talking to my wife in depth about what they call riding I can tell im going to be board! Im the only one with a bike and the only one that is a decent rider. Everybody else will have quads. A million thanks to anybody that can help!!! Again thank you!
  14. Tsk350

    Rampart ?????????

    Hey has anyone gone up to rampart lately? What are the conditions? I have a slight feeling it is closed to ATVs or bikes but I want to check!! Thanks to all!!
  15. Tsk350

    Can you make a RHINO street legal?

    Well then what is the top speed of a new sport rhino. I have to make sure the wife can keep up when we ride. She will have the cooler with the beer and food for those long trips to the neighbors house!