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  1. i recently purchased an 82 xt250. replaced the intake gasket for the carb boot. i dont know the proper term but it was missing.. Rebuilt the carb with a keyster kit. so it now has an extented air fuel screw and adjustable needle.. Ive tried to the needle in a 2 positions now as in it was clipped 3 up now its down the whole way and it runs superb. clean throttle the whole way through. its still stock sized jets just the one from the kit. Only problem is It doesnt want to idle down. like with the simple external idle adjustment either it doesnt come down from a rev or if you adjust it down it ends up stalling. it will idle normal when its cold or if you mess with it while its hot. but when its hot it takes like 30 seconds to get it to idle down if it even does it. Any idea how to fix this? it has a new air filter and all new gaskets and jets from the carb kit and like i said it actually runs the best i feel it can just doesnt idle down
  2. MizakKLX400

    Yamaha XT250 1982

    it is what it is . runs and hauls you around though
  3. MizakKLX400

    Yamaha XT250 (1982)


    it is what it is . runs and hauls you around though
  4. MizakKLX400

    Will I be happy with a 250F ?

    There sure is a lot of ktms at the races . And I rode mx smokers never rode a xc 2stroke now that I think about it
  5. MizakKLX400

    Will I be happy with a 250F ?

    huskys and ktms are available with them I worry about price and availability of parts. Is it just as easy and cheap as jap bike replacement parts? And I have rode a few 2-Strokes 250s of my friends and i do like them. Haha you're pushing towards a 2stroke now. I just hope I can set it up right because I'm sorta used to that forgiving bottom end of a 4
  6. MizakKLX400

    Will I be happy with a 250F ?

    As for a 250+ 2t I'm gonna also consider those when I start seriously pursuing a purchase
  7. MizakKLX400

    Will I be happy with a 250F ?

    thanks for your opinions and points I think I am gonna go with a mx 250f (yzf,RMZ,etc, etc) I did think about how maintaining it will be more of pain, how much more? I guess I'll find out. I don't really mind more maintenance, I started over doing it with the klx so hopefully it won't be too much of a shock. I'm just looking forward to something more nimble and lighter.
  8. I currently have a klx400 which is a DRZ 400 incase you're unfamiliar and a 2012 klr 650. I just got started racing and my first gncc was awesome but hard, mainly from picking up my KLX up over and over. I've been riding for 20+ years but I'm new to racing. So I know the most obvious answer to my question is to ride one but I just wondered if you guys thought a 250 F would be enough juice for me to woods race in the GNCC and AWRCS? I'm 5' 8" and bounce around from 175 to 195 lbs my current bike I use for racing
  9. My latest vlog with 12 dual sports all woods riding 7 different brands of dirtbikes represented
  10. MizakKLX400

    Riders in PA please Watch!

    I lost but they were half decent about it the judge was bias against bikes in my opinion here's a full explanation. I'm not even upset about it anymore I just hate the DCNR now
  11. MizakKLX400

    Pittsburgh PA dual sport riders

    sorry I haven't responded in months but I run a shinko 244 in the rear and whatever in front. You guys ever get anything together?
  12. MizakKLX400

    Riders in PA please Watch!

    I lost against the PA DCNR when I fought a citation a few years back on a different mountain. Technically I'm guilty of riding there as the citation says, but like what you guys are saying,no signage? No gates? .....and while I agree I should know where I am allowed before I ride there ... I was under the impression I was allowed there since we've rode there for the past 14 years and I personally have never seen any officers up there or signs.
  13. MizakKLX400

    Riders in PA please Watch!

    Thanks for the input so far. And I agree with what's being said.
  14. MizakKLX400

    Pennsylvania Riders in PA please Watch!

    I would like people to watch this and give me their opinion on it. I received a citation in PA for illegal travel on my KLR just check it out and tell me your opinions. and feel free to subscribe to my motvlog
  15. MizakKLX400

    Pittsburgh PA dual sport riders

    I'm located in Johnstown about an hour and 20mins away. I'd be Interested in trucking to bridgeville to ride with you guys some day I ride any terrain