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  1. BryanMX111

    Waldo Vid

    track looks nice cool vid
  2. BryanMX111

    Texas track vid...

    dood now i really wanna go ride now. makes me miss clay tracks haha. awesome vid good find man.
  3. BryanMX111

    Waldo this weekend?

    i might be able to go i will let u know man.
  4. BryanMX111


    i am not going to say it cant because one of my friends still races a 125 in A class and is competitive, but he is also a very talented individual. It is more up to the rider then the bike in some cases.
  5. BryanMX111

    the better knee brace

    if u want the true best CTi. They are made for each person not mass produced. they also provide much better support. But they are more expensive. Mine where $1500 per knee. but most Doctors will write it off on insurance if u have a good plan.
  6. BryanMX111

    F.E.A.R. list is out

    u can add me to the list if its not to late or ne thing. wut is all the info u need?
  7. ur a B rider u should be tellin other people how to go thru whoops haha yea right lmfao
  8. BryanMX111

    What to do to help clean my bike?

    carb cleaner can be bad on some metals and it will fade ur palstic and graffix. I use Liquid Performance Cycle wash. It ahs a degreaser and cuts all the grease from chain wax and other oils with our damaging metals and plastics.
  9. I love mine i rode A-Star Tech 8's for 4 years and then swithched to oxtar. They are extreamly comfortable i feel like they stick to the pegs better. I also felt they had better ankle protection and feeel safer. They also have great customer support. I rode in mine for over a year and the stitching in the back of the heel that holds the soul of the boot on came undone i called them up figuring they would put a new soul on and restitch it. they said to send my boots in with an adress and a week later i had a brandnew pair of boots. they have a great thing going I highly recomend them
  10. BryanMX111

    Elbow Pads

    that jacket is more for the offroad/freestyle guys, not really any mx'ers use it. I have never worn elbow pads i find them restrictive and undomfortable. I can not think of any one i know or pro riders that ride with elbow pads.
  11. BryanMX111

    Distance of double

    I agree those are more challenging and require more skill then who ever wants to hold it and cross their fingers. a tech jump is much more fun for the distance question... A standard supercross tripple is 60ft and i agree you probly will not see many doubles much more then 60 ft at your local track. after about 60ft tripples start being made, or table tops. For me i would say 60-70ft is a fun normal size jump and 90-100ft is gettin big and any thing more then 110 is gonna be big .
  12. BryanMX111


    along with having your elbows up you also want to be forward on the bike and have you head forward and over the bars. thats another key to the attack position. here are two pics to go with the other one. one of me and one of my friend training together. here is one of my friend austin you can see that even tho his body is a lil further back his head is still forward as well as elbows up.
  13. BryanMX111

    Winning motocross without training?

    isnt winning beeing all you can be?? if it isnt you might wanna reconsider what class your in and step up if you want a real challenge.
  14. BryanMX111

    F.E.A.R. list is out

    wut is the fear list tho? besides people that ride in FL
  15. BryanMX111

    fed up with it. need to get it off my chest

    I have not at ne of the tracks in Fl besides pax i told them i enjoyed their track and track and they had nice facilities. When i was living at home I participated in running every race at North Carolina Motorsports Park and have probly spent more hours then you would believe in a dozer and tractor at 2am sunday morning preparing the track to race on. I am not complaining with out any knowledge of what it takes to put on a race. I have run track sign in groomed tracks run staging run the gate and i also helped organize two races at an indpeth level, including being involved in the cost to put a race on. I know what it takes.