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  1. Just wondering if the standard springs from a 2016 YZ250f Yam will fit a 2008 YZ125? The Spring rates are close to what is needed but just wondering if the diameters & lengths are correct? Thanks, Jim
  2. I actually asked them for KYB S1 and they replied: This oil (01M, KYB) and the S1 oil (Yamaha) is the same. The 01M oil is the oil recommended.
  3. just been told by Technical Touch that Yamalube S1 and KYB 01M is the same stuff...
  4. Not tried K Tech as they only list Motul on website. Might give them a ring. Apico are UK distrib. but only list the 01M KYB. Might be worth a call though...
  5. Do you have any online retailers? Been looking for KYB S1 in UK but Apico (uk distributor) only lists the 01M. Thanks, Jim
  6. Ha, I know! We pay equivalent of over $8/g here for standard pump fuel. Must be nice not having to ever worry about price of fuel or cost of travelling
  7. 1)twin air tank filter 2)hour meter
  8. cheers, that's just what I was after!
  9. Cheers, I stuck with 245mm volume & i'll ride it before dropping the current oil back out. If it feels as I think it will then i'll swap it for either maxima or Puto. 2.5w.
  10. I've tried searching for this but can't seem to find anything so sorry if this has been covered a million times already but... I have a 2013 CRF 450, run in and ridden for about 4 hours & did oil change on the fork at the weekend. All went ok & rebuilt using Putoline HPX 5w oil (I noticed the OEM oil was like water in the inner cartridge) Re-fitted and just sitting on the bike the fork feels much stiffer in the initial stroke and gets firm quickly. I've not ridden it properly yet (due to british weather!).. Is this fork oil too heavy / heavier? What is everyone using? Also what fork oil vol. are people generally running on the outer?
  11. save the $'s and go to the gym.
  12. If your riding motocross a stock 450 is enough power for anyone. I have an '03 & '13 CRF 450. Neither have had any valve issues. Sounds like you maybe not changing air filter & oil regularly enough.
  13. Personally I would never do 10 hours without changing an airfilter unless I was riding on the road! You want to be doing that every ride if its at all dusty. Use a decent quality oil in both engine and gearbox and change oil filter every other oil change. We have a '03 CRF with 100's of hours on and still going very strong. It's been ridden in some horrible conditions most of it's life as well as enduros, motocross, supercross.
  14. Hey SmallFry, Did you manage to model the spacer? I'm in the UK but work at an engineering company so could get some made up easily but I'm not too handy at CAD... Thanks, Jim
  15. HGS pipes all the way