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  1. Last year my husband wrecked pretty bad, and when we went to the emergency room he told them he wrecked on his mountain bike. Then, of course, the doctor had to ask all these questions about mountain biking....where do you guys ride, and blahfreakinblah:blah: . He was trying to get my husband to slip up. When I first started riding that was one of the first things my old man told me...if you have to go to the emergency room or doctor because you jacked yourself up don't tell them you did it on a dirtbike. It sucks to have to lie, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
  2. I actually grew up in that area. I am not sure about the spot off of 901, but there is a place in Treverton you can ride in the striping mines. The cops don't bother you. I don't care for it very much too many knuckleheads who don't wear shirts half the time much less a helmet!!!
  3. I read mostly Dean Koontz and James Patterson books, once in awhile, a true crime. I just finished reading When the Wind Blows & Cradle and All by James Patterson. I thought they were both fantastic. Currently, I am reading Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz.
  4. 1. KLX 125 L 2. 5' 3. mostly trails 3a. logging 4. It depends on where I am riding
  5. Was this down at Southern MD ATV Park? If so I've gone down a couple of times on the trails there (especially the puddles in the turns). Those roots are a bitch too!
  6. I started out on a KLX 110, and I am not ashamed of it. It was a perfect learner bike for me. I am only 5'1" so being able to touch the ground made me feel comfortable. That little thing can do more than anyone thinks. Eventually, I moved on to a KLX 125 (big wheeled version). I have no problem with the fact that I learned on a kids bike and now have a bigger kids bike. I know what I can handle, and I do not need to get a large bike just because I am an adult. I think it's what you feel comfortable with. Let her sit on the 110 and the 125 and see which one she feels more comfortable with first
  7. I also like the MSR Starlet gear. My husband bought it as a Christmas gift for me. Before that I was wearing mens Answer gear. I found that I liked the women's gear much better. It is just a better fit all around in my opinion. Especially the pants. The waist on the men's pants, when I sat down, went all the way up to my boobs!
  8. I agree...especially when I ride..anything else and it's wedgie city!
  9. Once again you've made me laugh. Thanks
  10. Yeah...that's what I thought
  11. Trust me you don't want to find out It will be a bad situation for everyone.
  12. Close, but I am much cuter and not as crabby!
  13. I would also like to think these things do not happen, but, unfortunately, I have seen it first hand. I have noticed that women who are good looking and have the attitude to go with it get what they want and can take advantage of situations. They seem to be allowed to get away with a little more. Do I think it is wrong, yes, but probably only because I am jealous that I cannot get away with what they can. See I consider myself to be an average looking woman, and I usually don't have it in me to be a bitch to people especially my boss or someone in a higher position than myself. I still moved forward in the company with my average looks and kindness, but I can't get away with certain things. Maybe more is expected of me I don't know, but ya know sometimes it would be nice to be able to slack a little when you don't feel well or are just having a day! Would I rather have gotten where I am because I was a sexy bitch, yeah sometimes I feel that way..I wish I was 5'8" skinny and have a huge rack or something like that. It would be fantastic, but then again most days I like my average looks and my sometimes, I've been told, too sympathetic nature. My point is, after all that bull, that basically it happens and unfortunately, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Sometimes women are just more attractive than us and know how to us it to their advantage. I guess I could've just typed the last to sentences and spared everyone
  14. That's great. I actually have a 110 also...my first bike You'll be the one riding the 110 not your little girl! Good times