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  1. The only correct answer is....... you need BOTH. I have a yz426 AND a ktm exc 300 . Like comparing apples and pears. Both very very tasty. But what am i in the mood for today?
  2. avery

    2000 WR400 Resurection

    Just going to put my two pence in here. Had a yz for 14 years that was a pain to start but i loved it. But thats a different story. The only way to start it once it had been running (thats the important part) was to empty the float bowl completely. Then she will start like she is cold. every time. first kick. if not empty again. it turned into the magic trick that gave it a new lease of life after givig up with it.
  3. avery

    Making a hot yz426 start.

    Interesting stuff. Thanks gray racer. That's informative. I think it's just mine. It's been totally rebuilt over the years by boretech the yamaha specialists, including the card with no improvement in hot starting. Red knob or not. Anyhow, she had a good life and we had our fun. Sound the bugles!!
  4. avery

    Making a hot yz426 start.

    No hot start. Not hot day mate. Weather has nothing to do with it. This bike was hard to start hot from new. It's a design flaw in the shape of the combustion chamber according to an engineer friend. I'm guessing that's why in 2003 yamaha re designed the engine. Anyway I don't want to get into an argument about it just trying to help out
  5. avery

    Making a hot yz426 start.

    Yeah yeah yeah. I've had it 14 years mate. Done all that
  6. I thought id post this for anyone who has a yz426 and it just wont start when its hot. Gotta sit and wait until she cools? Spent a fortune fixing and upgrading everything? Done the 60 kick method. Sick of pushing it up the nearest cliff so you can jump start it while falling off the cliff? The fool proof method. The only method. After years of cursing and swearing and making my buddies wait for me when i stalled. THE ANSWER. WORKS EVERYTIME carry an alan key and drain the float bowl with fuel off. (I chemical metalled the key to the screw) kick start into life effortlessly first kick. turn fuel back on quickly. ride. whoop whoop
  7. Yeah i had exactly the same thing when i rebuilt my engine. It was really annoying to diagnose after a complete top and bottom end rebuild. Eventually i found out there is a certain way to put the tensioner back in.
  8. buying a newer wr450 is certainly an option on the table. I was just hanging on to the idea of using my yz 2002 426 as spares thus getting some value out of it in the long run. Its not worth the cost of another rebuild now and not worth much as it is. What im not sure about is how compatable engine and chassis parts are, if they are not then yup, cut my losses and start again. Its a pretty long winded discussion and i guess there are no easy answers. The wr engine must be slightly different if they squished a starter motor in there. Basically i just changed the gear box and clutch basket etc...so most of it is worth saving not to mention the zillion little bits that all cost 60 bucks a piece. I had a wr when i lived in portugal and it never let me down. My yz is always broken. I rode them the same. doesnt make much sense to me why one is more reliable than the other
  9. If anyone has any experience with doing this I'd love to hear it. I have yz426 that I'm sick of rebuilding (non stop engine problems). I want a wr. How much of the yz 426 will be useful as spares? And why are wr s seemingly bullet proof when my yz is always breaking. I thought the engine was pretty much the same. My yz has non stop valve and cam chain and piston problems. Recently a spark plug exploded and damaged the top end again. So rather than rebuild I think it would be sensible to go wr ( my yz would never start when hot anyway) and use the yz as a donor. Anyone done it Which years are compatible? Confused
  10. avery

    The New YZ400/426/450 FAQ's/Mods Sticky

    Hello people. I hope this post is in the right place, newbie makes classic goof up. I really really need some advice and some encouragement , I have made a gold plated , fur lined ocean going cock up. It's a long story but I have had the engine out for 8 months and was a little rusty on what went where after so long. So when re installing the neutral switch I put the spring in the central hole and its... Well a hand grenade in my engine now. In my defence if you look at the Yamaha manual it clearly shows the spring going into the central hole. So I have beat myself up , got miserably drunk for two days. None of which helped.i have fished up the oil drain plug with a magnet. I have been looking at images of the inside of the crankcase. I could take the engine out and turn it upside down but don't want it to get worse . Cuz I know it can always get worse. Has anyone been here before and got any advice for me. It's only an inch from the drain hole but the don't seem to connect.