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  1. at what milage is it allright to go full synthetic if you did the mototune break-in? thanks
  2. 05' SM, 750 miles and i think my front wheel is out of balence
  3. 145 a year for full coverage, 500 deductable through usaa/progressive om my 05' SM
  4. thanks
  5. just pulled in the garage from a kick-arse ride on my yeller 05' SM. lots of good corners and some 1 and 2nd gear wheelies (good for me). the bike is great in the corners but, i noticed when travelin along at 50 mph on a smooth road the front end of the bike pogos ever so slightly. my suspension is set to 2 clicks out all around (compression and rebound). is it possible i have to much front rebound dialed in any suggestions, i weigh 185 and my race sag is set to 90mm. thanks
  6. Awesome work eddie i wanna ship my whole bike to ya and get the works. grease all bearings, 3X3 mod, Fcr, titanium Yosh, revamp suspension, turkey baster, and adjust valves on the 05' SM. how much would that run me?
  7. cool, excellent. thanks
  8. i just want to clean it every oil change (1000 miles). was just wondering on a 90/10 street/dirt road dirt riding style if the air filter could go that long before servicing. thanks
  9. fellow DRZers, really need your advice. thanks
  10. right now i have a BD tailight and no rear blinkers on my 05' SM. very bright light and good quality. need some blinkers. maybe some lockhart philips flushmounts on the fender or something. can you guys post some pics of flushmounts mounted on the fenders to give me some ideas. right now, the tail looks like an RMZ. i'd like to mount the turn signals as inconspicuously as possible to keep the clean lines. thanks fellow TTers
  11. any thoughts from any DRZ guru's. thanks
  12. i'll trade my whole stock totally mint muffler for an S/SM slip-on or i'll swap my endcap for one of those e-bay hollowed out caps.
  13. go with a D&D
  14. hopefully goin this september. been two times already, once with my 00' R6 and the other with my 01' Gixxer 600. can't wait to get the 05' SM up there to see what she can do
  15. my bike has 750 miles on it. i'm gonna switch to synthetic at a grand. i'm gonna change my oil every thousand miles after i switch to synthetic. would every 1000 miles with 90/10 riding for the air filter be alright?