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  1. Hi guy's, I just checked my coolant and it's all milky color from oil mixing with coolant i guess. My oil is fine no coolant mixing with that, any ideas whats going on there? I'm guessing a bad headgasket around one of the pressurized oil passages. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! 2006 crf450r Mike
  2. 13/49 won't make a difference in the sand unless your running a paddle.
  3. I had the same issue, some sand got in the pilot and caused some trouble. Swap in a new jet and make sure your oring on the adjustment screw is in there and in good shape, then put it back to stock settings and go from there. I wouldn't look any further than the carb.
  4. This happens to my bike when the oil level is in the upper half of the sight glass and i ride hard in the sand.
  5. Supercross

    What bike is cooke riding on this year? privateer?
  6. I had the same problem. I think the asv stuff is junk.
  7. Check your caliper mount on the fork lug. If it's bent it will give you a poor feel and cause the brake to drag.
  8. DID t-ring chain and your choice of sprockets. This chain is by far the best chain I have ever used in the sand. When your sprockets are wornout pitch the works of it and put new chain, sprocket, guid, and chain buffer on.
  9. Hi guy's, great thread here. I have to do my fork seals this week so i might give a revalve a shot as well. I'm 6'3 and 200lb without gear, at best i'm a mid pack intermediate and i ride a whooped out sand track. I knoticed my fork is harsh and washes out over small chop, and bottoms in the rollers and the flat landings of course. As for hangin too low in the stroke I can imagine thats why it doesn't turn as nice as other bikes. After reading the rg3 valve stack thread I considered trying that. Do I need to increase my spring rate? Any recommendatoins would be helpful and thanks in advance.
  10. Try using draino on the aluminum parts...carefull where you put it and make sure you rinse everyting off well.
  11. I had a bad crash last week doing a high speed turn top of 4th in the desert and lost my front. I swapped over the bike and fell head first in the sand. My leatt was in great shape no damage but it fractured the shell on my helmet just below my ear. I have no way to gauge the outcome without the brace but I do feel more comfortabe wearing it. I wanted a new shoei anyways.
  12. I had the same problem when i ran that little spacer, the thrust washer broke into three pieces. With the xring chain you can ditch the spacer and let the chain rub the engine case or use the bolt washer setup from the 04 if I remember. I bought a t ring and been using it for 2.5 yrs now it's the best chain imo.
  13. pirelli tires
  14. I take it the X shroud will mount on the R tank without issues. Sounds like an interesting mod. I stuck a log thorugh my shroud/rad/moose rad guard and grill so I gotta buy that stuff anyways.
  15. Are the holes on the shroud different or both the holes on the frame and shroud different? Did you guy's consider making some new mount adapters?