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  1. Crf doc, you are my favorite human for today. Take pride in that. Thanks!
  2. Yes I took it apart to get it in after I realized you needed the damned cylinder off to install! So how can I get it back the right direction? I also noticed the lead coming out of the starter is facing the left side of the bike if that makes any difference...
  3. Here's a video I put on YouTube.
  4. I'm saying the starter is spinning the wrong direction and starter clutch is doing its job by not cranking the motor the wrong way. So my starter clutch and reduction gears are working just fine but why on earth is the starter clutch going counterclockwise?
  5. I made a video but can't figure out how to load it up. Basically the starter clutch is going the wrong direction. How could the starter be going the wrong direction?
  6. you guys are absolutely terrible.
  7. just took my right side cover off my case and noticed that when i kick the bike over it is the opposite as what the starter does. How can this be?
  8. ok i just noticed that my starter clutch is cranking opposite to what my kickstarter does. How can this be?
  9. OK so I pulled my clutch cover off hoping to find those pressed gears spinning independently but instead they are fine. When I hit the starter everything spins minus the final gear from the starter clutch. There is a YouTube video of an 06 crf450x with the exact same problem. Is there any way to confirm the clutch is no good before buying a very expensive new one?
  10. that would be great man. there are a lot of items hanging loose and can anyone tell me where the starter cable routes its way up to the battery? Ground cable?
  11. Hey everyone! I purchased an 07 honda crf450x with a broken crank. I have just finally put the motor together and now i realized the idiot i bought it off of has taken the harness right out of the bike. Ive been trying to find pictures off the internet to show me where it all mounts up but to no avail. Can anyone take some photos from where it mounts along the left side of the gas tank, through the subframe and around the carburetor? thanks.
  12. Ok I just pulled my cylinder off and the crank housing is like 1/3 full of fuel! It's kind of metallic looking
  13. Just checked my 05 yz125 with about 25 hours and it's got 95 psi and runs well if that factors in at all.
  14. Thanks, do you know the clearances by chance? How high should the compression be? I heard it should start over 80 psi plus the rings need to seat right?
  15. Ok so here's the story, I bought a + 2mm cylinder and piston for my 04 125. Once assembled it kicked to life fairly quick, ran for a few seconds and stalled 5-6 times before I put it away for the evening. The next day it wouldn't even start so I... Cleaned and rejetted the carb as follows. Main 420-410 Pilot 40(didn't change) Air screw 2 turns to 1.5 turns Needle 3rd position to 2nd Did a compression test it was at 60 psi so I added oil in the plug hole and now it's around 85psi. Changed spark plug from b9es to a new b8es. Also tested ignition and spark is still blue at 1/4 inch gap! I tried using start gas(ether) to coax the little bastard to life. I checked the ignition side oil seal and it is fine! My question is where do I go from here?