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  1. 4day4play

    drz 400E shock boots

    is it ok to run a drz400 without the black boots over the shocks? i assume its to stop dust, dirt etc...but one of mine ripped, and just need to know if i have to replace it or just take them off. Thanks.
  2. 4day4play

    need help please

    A neighbor of mine was attempting to change his oil for the first time on his 05' E, and instead of removing the cover t the oil filter, he removed the cover i believe for the starter.(inside theres 3 rows of small "teeth" then a sprocket or gear looking assembly. The question is when he pulled that cover off, fluid came out(about 1 oz) he quickly put the cover back on. Does he need to put any fluid back in there, and if so was it oil? he said it was dark in color, and fealt like oil. The next question is, when he put the cover back on, will he encounter any problems starting it? He could not get it to fire up, but thinks its the battery. It was sitting for about 6 months without being started, and would not even attempt to fire even before this oild change problem.. He then hooked it up to a charger and tried to start it and it sounded like it wanted to start but just wouldnt fire up ....i know this is alot, but any help is appreciated.
  3. 4day4play

    new drz400E owner

    I recently purchased a new drz 400E and love it....but its due for service and a few mods. If anyone can help me out i have a few questions 1) were is the best place to get a service manual? 2) What mods would you recommend? Any info will help....thanks.