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  1. kenrf48

    2001 DR650 Vibration

    I bought a 2006 650 with 2500 miles on it. Ran great and was reasonably quiet. But, as you say, there is a lot of vibration when the engine is lugged down at lower RPM. Since buying it near the end of July, I have put 4000 miles on it. Just finished doing a section of the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route. The last leg of the trip was 270miles of pavement from Crater Lake to Portland, at 55-65mph. At the end of that trip I noticed more knocking engine noise too. I have been assured that it isn't piston slap or such, but only valve clatter because it is time to adjust them. Ken
  2. kenrf48

    Best sprocket combination

    Sarah, Thanks for the link to a discussion on the clips. I have tried the 14/46 and 16/46. I am going to give the 13/46 a try and see how it might work for off road grunt. 3 of us are doing 200+ miles of Oregon back country in a couple of weeks, on fully loaded bikes. I would like to be able to be set up to run the 16/46 for the 450 miles of highway on the trip and the 13/46 for the off road. The 14/46 is good but still looking for must a little bit more first gear grunt and slower idle speed for technical spots. If that ratio works out ok, I will probably just have to carry a shorter chain for the 13t setup and change that the night before we go off road. Ken
  3. kenrf48

    Best sprocket combination

    Yes, I got my sprockets and chain from Jesse. Great Guy!.. I did get the snap rings with the sprockets but was wondering if they were for another application or ok to use in place of the 3-bolt retainer. Local bike shop today confirmed that the snap ring is all that is needed. Thanks Guys and Gals! Ken
  4. kenrf48

    Best sprocket combination

    Looking at your photos DoubleD650, I see in all 3 cases, you have the three-bolt retainer on the cs sprocket. The sprockets I have purchased have the holes for that three-bolt retainer but also have a snapring. Has anyone used just the snapring without the three-bolt retainer? My Kaw KDX220 just has the snap ring, on the very same counter shaft, size, shape, length, and snapring. Any comments? I wonder if either method (retainer or snapring is sufficient? I know either setup has a little movement on the shaft. Very little, but a little. It is not rock solid secure.
  5. kenrf48

    Best sprocket combination

    My 2006 DR650SE was stock with 525 chain and 15/42 sprockets. I recently went to 520 chain and got a setup for 14/46 and 16/46. 16/46 is about OEM gearing. Great for the road and gas mileage. The 14/46 dropped all the gears about 10mph. So, I can now use 5th gear at 45mph instead of 55mph. But even at 14/46, first gear is still not a creeper and, the bike still easily scoots along at 75. I have one more option that I am going to try. I have a 13t counter shaft sprocket. I will give that a try. Doing the math, and assuming that at idle the 16/46 ratio yields 10mph, the 14t CS sprocket reduces it to 8.75mph and the 13t would reduce it to 8.125mph. Not what you would call dramatic, but the torque to the tire changed significantly when going from 16t to 14t. I will let you know about the 13t. Ken
  6. Anyone know a dealer who sells fenders, and shrouds for the 2005 KDX220? I have searched and only find UFO or ACERBIS front fenders. Nothing else. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ken
  7. kenrf48

    Off Road Helmets and Bluetooth?

    Personally, I think a bluetooth headset would be great to connect GMRS radios to the headset without wires. Our group uses the GMRS radios to communicate on the trails and it is not a distraction but a safety feature. We can get help when we dump or signal the others about head-on traffic on the trail. But the wires from the radio to the headset sometimes get in the way or get ripped loose by branches.
  8. I had a great 4day ride at East Fort Rock in Oregon last weekend. That was May 29 - June 1 of 2008. While there, I found an SD 2gig camera chip in the dirt at Camp II Trailhead. I cleaned it up and tried it in my laptop. It works. The chip has photos of this guy restoring what appears to be a CR250. There are also photos of a guy riding a KTM with a side number of 66 in an Endurocross that must have taken place in March because that is the date stamp of the photos. There is some video on the card to. Probably not replaceable stuff and would be good to have. The restored "Honda Smoker" ended up with black plastic and decorated like a checkered flag. Very Cool! If you know this guy, let him know that I have his chip. I can be reached at kenrf48@yahoo.com.
  9. kenrf48

    Lose a Camera SD Chip at East Fort Rock?

    Yes, the photos on the chip indicate he has a couple of bikes, a boat, and great looking friends. Even though he rides a Honda Smoker, evidentally, one of his friends rides a KTM with the number 66. My guess is that the photos and one great video clip of a race, are not replaceable. Thought about posting in a different area of the forum too to get better coverage. Hey, thanks for the encouragement "OnTheGround".
  10. Hey, just returned from a great 4day weekend at EFR in Central Oregon. Found a blue SanDisk 2Gig SD card on the ground all caked with mud. Tried it out in the computer and it works. So, someone obviously lost it. And, there is some stuff on it that he might want. Photos are of a guy restoring what looks to be a CR250. There are other photos and a couple of videos on the chip too. Contact me at kenrf48@yahoo.com.
  11. kenrf48

    2005 KDX220R Tire Size/Problems

    I think I am going to take it back to the bike shop. It is the wrong size and it needs to be made right. Thanks for the advice and the PMs that helped me decide. Ken
  12. kenrf48

    2005 KDX220R Tire Size/Problems

    Thanks Sean, I guess I will try it. Seams to be plenty of clearance on swingarm, mud guard, chain, and the rest. Ken
  13. I took the rear wheel with the old D952 to the bike shop to have a new Michelin S12 mounted. THe KDX takes a 110/90-18 rear tire. The bike shop mounted a 130/80-18 and I did not notice till I got it home. It is not installed on the bike and has not been on the ground. It is 130/80 is about 40mm (nearly 2 inches) taller than the 110/90 D952. Should I just run it or will it screw something up? It will change the gearing little making the bike geared taller because the tire is biggers. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. I live 25 miles from the bike shop so if it is no be deal, I will just run it. It will increase the seat height though won't it. Thanks, Ken
  14. kenrf48

    Cr250r owners in portland/vancouver area read please.

    Have had some 4 strokes years ago, and have ridden 2 strokes in the last 4 years, exclusively. I rode 2 seasons on my IT465 2 stroke. Wild and too much power and torque for the goat trails of Oregon. I bought a new KDX220 2 stroke and love it. Tractor torque, and plenty of power to pull me (220lbs) up any goat trail without stalling. It keeps up with the CRF450s that I ride with. Some of the taller geared CRF450s leave me at 55 mph but, why do I want to go that fast on a trail bike. The KDX220 is very low maintenance. Yes, I know, they don't make them any more. A loss for KAW and for the riders who love the 2smoke kick. I rode a CRF250x for about 4 hours last year, mostly because I as egged on to do it and see what a real bike feels like. After I finished with the CRF250x, I got back on my own bike and was pleased to know that, I have a real bike. The CRF250x was cushier on the whoops at EFR but, did not have near the smile factor. Don't know much about the CR250 but, knowing 2smoke, I would say that it has a higher smile rating than a CRF450r. Ken
  15. kenrf48

    Tsf Snow???

    The way I check the snow depth in the TSF is to check the SNOTEL site on Saddle Mountain. http://www3.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/nwcc/sntl-data0000.jsp?site=726&days=7&state=oregon The SNOTEL site is at about 3100ft elevation according to the SNOTEL documentation. That is about the elevation of the highest points of Archers Firebreak. Although most of the TSF is in the 1600ft-3500ft elevation. elevation data is from the NG Topo! Oregon maps. Saddle Mt reports 70.2 inches right now. Still too much for my bike!