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  1. and the lesson to take away from this thread issss... you can't believe everything you read on the internet. What I find amusing is the large number of people who feel they have to dispense advice on a topic they only have assumptions and presumptions to go off of. "gosh, these motorcycles come with 2 wheels, so you're supposed to use them with both on the ground, not just one!"
  2. hullspeed

    leather or textile

    get yourself one of each. textile. textile mesh. leather jacket. leather suit. not all at once of course. But generally gear lasts you a lot longer than your bikes.
  3. You have a lot to learn about how business works. Sometimes a business just can't get a product to you as fast as you want it. It usually comes down to stocking/transit issues. You are aware that businesses often order from middlemen distribution companies, who in turn order from the manufacturer? You are also aware that retail businesses, such as Dennis Kirk cannot afford to stock every single item under the sun? And that there are indeed, no magical transporters to teleport your items to you? In this case it simply sounds like your order was flagged. It sounds like you, a kid placed an order with a credit card under someone elses name. Obviously they were checking to make sure you weren't going to rip them off. The hiliarious thing is it sounds like they're sending out your package as soon as possible. They confirm the order Thursday, get the order to you by Tuesday. That's 3 days. Shipping is often delayed over the weekends, depending on the courier of course. That is good business practice, not bad. So you gotta wait till next week, grow up and deal with it. And if you DON'T, feel free to continue kicking and screaming.
  4. hullspeed

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I've never seen a girl wear a padded bikini top, that's embarrassing
  5. hullspeed

    Beware of SCAMMER

    This is about misrepresentation and is not ok by any stretch of the imagination. Noggin, next time tho, get pics. I wouldn't dare set off on a 9 hour drive without seeing pix.
  6. hullspeed

    DRZ400SM Leaky Gas Cap

    Cycle World ran an article on the DRZ SM. One of the testers mentioned their cap weeps too when doing big stoppies. Maybe Suzuki has another gas cap in their off road bikes that'll fit and not leak.
  7. hullspeed

    Antifreeze shelf life?

    after learning how to change out the coolant myself just recently, and looking at the crap that gets stuck inside the reserve container that's impossible to clean out, I'd say at the end of every season. Just for the pure fun of it, cuz coolant's cheap anyways. I don't know if there are different requirements if you go racing with your bike tho, someone who knows what they're talking about, not me, should chime in now.
  8. so a sport has to be life threatening to be demanding? Nordic skiing rates the highest b/c it uses all energy systems of the body. It ain't just cardio. In the end, what's more important, is that none of this is important. I think what you guys may be looking for a validation that Motocross can be considered as an Athletic sport, which to some degree it is. A highly technical, motor-sport.
  9. the most physically demanding sport, bar none, is cross country ski racing. Motocross? It may be in the top ten of physical sports/motorsports
  10. hullspeed

    Best Looking DRZ Ride Awards

    Your bike gets my vote. where'd you get those headlights? they remind me a little of a set on one of the new Buells these days
  11. hullspeed

    Do I need aftermarket exhaust?

    question: Do the cam changes affect reliability? Also, fcr? explain for an SM noob please?