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  1. I have the fcr 39, 3x3, e base gasket, Full big gun exhaust re-ringed when I put it back together. I didn't notice any diference when I did the E base gasket, would putting the E cams in make the noticable diference? Basicly right now my buddy has the exact same set up as my bike minus the e base gasket and in a drag race they are dead even.
  2. did some maintainance reserched some jetting specs, mad cause I did the e base gasket on my sm and my buddies got the same set up as me minus the base gasket and still pulls me
  3. what kind preventive maintainence are people doing to there sm's at what mileage? Other than oil changes, lubing cables, wear and tear on sprockets and chain. I have 5,800 mi on it, I run it pretty hard, mix of highway and in town, don't get much offroad use. I just want to make sure I have another trouble free year on it.
  4. You should just run the thumb throttle, you should be practiced up from snowmobiling all winter or your quad buddy could show you a few excercises to get your thumb in shape. Sure is nice out for that thing to be setting in the garage. Black Tard:thumbsdn:
  5. fuel screw is 2 turns out, 45 pilot 160 main, drop the clip to the 4th position to see if run any better with the k&N but it don't seem to, back fire's a lot, hesitates of the bottom. Runs good with the stock air filter.
  6. I fixed the o-ring
  7. IT has a burble right off the bottom it rips at full throttle and after riding it all day It now is having a slight hanging idle and have to burp the the trottle a couple times to get it to idle right. Is anybody running the K&N with the fcr and what are they running for jets with that air filter.
  8. Now it rips, but I have the k&n air filter in there and it seems to run better with the stock airfilter.
  9. I was taking the carb apart and found that the fuel screw o ring was missing, could that be a problem
  10. slow air is a 100, you think the pilot needs to be leaner?
  11. IT is a used carb, off of a 04 ktm 520
  12. I recently installed an fcr 39 on my 400sm, It has 160 main, 45 pilot, slow jet removed, emn needle 3rd position, I have a big gun full system, 3x3 air box mod, It backfires on decelartion and when you rev it up, and has a hanging idle. I've played with the fuel screw don't seem to help any. What is the issue?
  13. if its so good why don't you run one on your 110. or 150 or 180 0r 900 somthin' what ever its up to now.
  14. well what its trying to tell you is you don't need to put on white plastic like every one else has done with there honda's