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  1. I can't wait for the Northern California Demo Ride days for the 2017 models. We missed it last year because of weather so hopefully we will get to do the test this year. I really want to compare the new 350, 450, 500 vs my modded 2015 500 EXC. I found the only area I really miss my 300 is in really tight steep rutted climbs where the 300 will clean out the rear tire better in the muddier climbs, but other than that the 500 excels in everything else. I was really looking into the 2017 450 EXC Six Days and my dealer told me to hold off for a year or so to really see what the mechanical dependability will be with the lighter bikes. He said that one area they shaved weight down in with the internal metal parts of the motor and gears. He said that they were shaved by 50% to reduce engine weight and rotating mass for the lighter feel. So I want to find out for myself how much better and lighter the big bikes will feel compared to my 2015
  2. Bethumped

    Buying used EXC, what year?

    I would stick with an 05,06 or 07 450 or 525. Great bikes at a great price. I have a 2015 500 EXC and rode my buddies 06 525 and other buddies 2010 530 and frankly the 525 was awesome, the 530 was not as smooth and really "felt" bigger. The 525 is even smoother off the bottom than my 500 and really feels just as light. If the 08 & 09 530's have been gone thru and issues fixed. It probably will good, but I was really impressed with the 525. If I wanted another plated bike I would definately buy one.
  3. Hit the wrong button Like I was saying just like a 300. However if you like to spin the rear wheel or stay high in the rev range then maybe a 350 is. A better choice. Either bike is absolutely fantastic. And if you can find a used one under $8500. Get it you will not be disappointed.
  4. If you rode the 400 and you ride a 1200GS. I would definately go for a 500 not a 350. I rode 2-strokes most of my life and only wanted a 500 for "Dual Sport" riding, but after getting my 2015 500 all that changed. I use it for all my Northern Cal single track riding where I would normally ride my KTM 300. The 500 is so easy to ride and has so much torque on tap that there is virtually nothing you can't ride up or thru. Yes it is heavier than the 300 and I heard that the new ones are awesome, but you being a big bike 4 stroke guy the 500 is the best choice. It allows you to be lazy riding the bike. I would pick up a used 500 any day. Normally all the mods would have been made and you just get on and ride. The 350 is a wonderful bike, but for me, and many guys that I know have one, it needs more bottom and mid torque. If you ride it like a two stroke you have all the power you can handle. But I prefer subtle smooth power where you come around a corner and can just twist the throttle a little and still climb a steep greasy hill, just like
  5. I would never ask what the top speed of anything, but going to the Mojave desert and really need to know the top speed on this bike. We really never checked it out (Not concerned too much for HS + Moto) He is a lighter rider about 140lbs, we are running the stock sprockets front & back, have the Yoshi pipe and the white coupler (8% leaner than stock). Need a good engine guy to help me make sure we don't blow this bike up. So I wanted to know if anyone has really checked out the sustainable top speed of this bike so to know what to do to get it to 70MPH for these higher speed sections and still have 1 gear grunt to the mountain rocky stuff. Nick
  6. Bethumped

    Softer seat options for EXC

    You guys really suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to try to be happy with my cheap KTM hard parts soft seat, but those seat concepts seats look so beautiful and If it is only half as comfortable as you all say, I'll just be happy at the way it looks. I will just send in the stock seat and pay the extra $20 for their install plus the $159. WE spend so much $$$ on these great machines it's just dumb not to keep your ass happy!!!!! Tanks for the continued pushing!
  7. Bethumped

    Softer seat options for EXC

    The complete seat is $300+ I was that the KTM dealer in Northern Cal when we looked it up. $159 is for sending your seat in and they change the foam and seat cover,
  8. A question on the Cyclops LED Bulb. I have a 2015 500EXC. What are the Parts required. I also saw a Halogen version. Are these any good?
  9. Bethumped

    KTM trade for suzuki

    I Did a Hot Rods crank replacement, New Piston, valves and timing chain much of the work was done by me, Replacing the valves intake only with new springs and some machine work, was around $650 for parts & Labor, Piston & rings $225, Hod Rods Crank $275, Case splitting and Crank install with Piston, Rings , Head (Valves and Valve shimming) $450. You are looking at $1600 to do it right , If it "Locked Up" it could damage everything I mentioned. What my daughters bike problem was that it would not start easily and we found all the issues on a 2004 used bike. Could have done a 2 - stroke with the crank for $600.
  10. Bethumped

    Softer seat options for EXC

    I bought the KTM soft seat from the dealer $99.00. Works great for longer rides, seat concepts is much nicer but at $300 it is pretty expensive.
  11. Bethumped

    500 exc f or 350?

    Both the 350 & 500 are great bikes but if I could only choose one I would most likely choose the 500 again, but the 350 is soooo close. And if you plan on doing some Dual Sport riding the 500 is a better choice here also because of a more usable motor. Let me explain my choice. I am an older very experienced rider (58yo 195lb and 5'9") and don't feel as strong as I was even 5 years ago. I like to ride BLM and Forest Service land. I ride my friends '14 350 6 days quite a bit for off trail exploring. The 350 is a great bike for this and really tight single track. I really like this bike a lot because it really feels smaller and lighter than the 500 in all situations, but I found myself barely making it up some very steep loose hill climbs during my exploring that I can do on the 500 without much effort. This to me is an issue because I need to be way more aggressive and ride the bike like a two stoke on big hills. I am just too lazy to put out so much effort anymore and the risk of crashing or not making up hills in the back country is too risky for me. Regarding brands. All new Offroad brands and bikes have their supporters and many of these bikes are as good and some people feel are better than KTM. I have ridden many brands in my lifetime and what I found Is a more main stream brand and bike is much easier to get parts, accessories, and sell. Also when you want to sell a KTM you will get a premium price. I always want to have the ability to get rid of a bike quickly at a good price if I want something else. This is what you get with KTM rice. I always want to have the ability to get rid of a bike quickly at a good price if I want something else. This is what you get with KTM
  12. Bethumped

    2013 500EXC Fuel/Ignition Map

    I Just had the Euro stock map installed on my 500 and it just cleaned up any popping I had. Power was just a little stronger everywhere. Really liked it the boost.
  13. Bethumped

    $10 real balancing for your 500 EXC

    The guy is pretty good at Best Dual Sport. For balancing all Tires, Wheels and tubes ar different. Taking the wheel & tire to a shop that does the balancing on YOUR tire & Wheel is much better than a generic 3OZ on front and 3.5OZ on back. Plus they balance and include the knock on Spoke weights for just $10. How can you beat that!!
  14. Drave, Like I mentioned earlier in one of my replys, the 450XCF is my favorite bike. Has the Close cartridge forks the link in the back, is very quick, lots of power and feels as light as a 2 stroke in many situations. The 450 XCF-W is just a little more mellow with the open cartridge forks, PDS shock and is a very nice bike. And since you are in Nevada you can buy any of the KTM's and plate them if you ever wanted. I ride in Nevada quite a bit. One of my good friends owns many thousands of Acres at the Ramsey mine in Silver Springs, we ride pine Nuts and do the Virginia City Grand Prix. In those riding areas I would either the 450 XCF or XCF-W. But on the W I would definately spend some money on the forks to get them to hold up in the stroke better no matter what your weight is. The shock was fine, just set the sag at 115mm and you are golden.
  15. However to add to my comment above. The 450 XCF-w will feel lighter and you will be able to change directions quicker in the real tough stuff and lastly with the 450 you do not have to spend an additional $1200 on goodies to make it a great dirt bike..