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  1. speedskaterrick

    pipe shoot out pt 4,tec insert test.

    I have the Leo slip on and run it in open mode. I had to remove my turn signals because it was long. After talking with the Leo rep I realized the shop sold me the dirt slip on. I exchanged it to the SM specific one and lost any gains I had. I of course switched back. So if you are planning on getting a Leo slip on, get the dirt specific one. The taper on the mid pipe is substantially bigger in diameter on the dirt specific one. It is of course louder but the difference is 15 miles per hour on the top end.
  2. speedskaterrick

    Leo Vince Exhaust

    I have the slip-on on my SM and it's great. There is a quiet insert and a louder less restrictive insert. I have used both. The power gains are good enough that I don't plan to do any other mods. I like it in open mode better and it sounds great to me. The quiet one sounded to close to stock. I had the needle shimmed 1/2 mm and the fuel screw is at 3.
  3. speedskaterrick

    what bike did your DRZ replace ?

    Replaced my 2001 Triumph speed triple with the SM. Most fun bike I've ever had. Still have a CR250 for the MX track.