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  1. 696kawi

    holding up?

    if its taking ya this long to figure out if the kawi is a good bike then ya better by a suzuki cause ya wouldnt be able to hold on to the green beast!!!!!! my kxf 450 rocks!!!
  2. 696kawi

    pics on changing oil screen

    i just found this post and went straight out to the garage. pulled mine out and it looked the same as everyone elses. thanks for helping keep my motor alive!!!!
  3. 696kawi

    plaves to ride in niagara???!!!

    cool. will be checking tt daily. weekends best for me and my buddies.
  4. 696kawi

    plaves to ride in niagara???!!!

    hey guys i think i talked to both of yous before.the canal trails are starting to dry up a little andthe warmer weathers almost here.send me info on where you might be coming from and ill be glad to show yous around.
  5. 696kawi

    riding in niagara

    i ride the canal all the time be it bike/quad or sled ( when we get enough snow).looking to find people to ride with ,my old riding clan has dwindled down to 2 people,we need more to have a better time!!!
  6. 696kawi

    outta shape need help

  7. 696kawi

    outta shape need help

    looking for help getting back in shape.im 32 and really outta shape what would be the best way to get back into shape?i got a weight set,treadmill and a rowing machine but i can only run for like 10 minutes. and i need help on what muscle groups to work out. i get tired and bored real easy.also what kind of diet should i go on or what foods would bee most helpful
  8. 696kawi

    riding in niagara

    looking for guys to ride with in niagara area. bikes or quads just looking for some people to ride with,trying to get back into racing and need some people to ride with.
  9. 696kawi

    KX 450 Handling woes show up!

    the bike is flawless.. period
  10. 696kawi

    KX 450 Handling woes show up!

    blame all his crashes on the suspension and the tires.thats all that has probably been change since he rode in toronto /vancouver and everywhere else. the steering was fine then.
  11. 696kawi

    Cmrc, Cmx, Ocmc, Ldr

    i race in western new york tracks are great competition is great the atmosphereis laid back and the people are very helpful
  12. 696kawi

    St. Williams

    sandpits down here(niagara falls)grat for riding this time of year
  13. 696kawi

    oil changes

    stopped by where i bought my kxf 450 today to get oil/filter and the guy who sold me my bike showed my a scary site . a rmz 450 with a blown motor with only 20 hrs on it.(2006 model)he told me the bikes problem was lack of oil changes and that i should change my oil with every tank of gas.( i got 6 hrs on mi bike )is this too much orshould i be on the safe side and do it?he told me this because the kxf has the same lubrcation system as the rmz and that its not like the honda( 2 seperate oil systems)?????
  14. 696kawi

    450 valve adjustment

    does anyone have specs on setting the valves on the new 450 kxf.please help
  15. 696kawi

    How Many KX450's out there?

    im in ontario canada and new at this . im also waiting for my 450