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  1. Forty5

    Husky dealer in Maryland?

    Ridersville Cycle in Berkeley Springs WV is fairly close. I got my TE-610 for well below list in February. (304) 258-1449
  2. Forty5

    SMR wheels for TE-610?

    A 3.5 inch front and 5 inch rear was $1000 plus $20 or so shipping, $50 less for 4.5 rear. It cost me about $350 for 2006 Husky TE rotors, aftermarket sprocket, and fasteners. The bushings on the rear rotor were $15 each that an older model might not require. Add in the tires and you are looking at about $1500. If you're not swapping back and forth very often, you could easily get away with not buying duplicate rotors and sprocket. If you are going to change the front brake, Husky has a conversion package available for some models that could save you some money.
  3. Forty5

    SMR wheels for TE-610?

    Give Kirk at factoryproracing.com a call or email. 858-531-8156 He put together a set for my 06 TE-610 in about a week.
  4. Forty5

    Bike hauler for SUV, except Husky?

    I have a MXtailmate and it works great for a TE-610. The manufacturer claims it is rated for 425lbs. Without drilling additional holes, only one foot peg can be secured through the foot peg and one has to have the hook go over the peg. The frame has enough of a parallel flat surface for the bike to be rock solid. I do have a problem with the curve in the one side of the frame when using my ATV/Motorcycle jack. The only thing I did for the carrier was drill another 3/4 inch hole about an inch behind the factory location so the hauler would slide a little further into the hitch. I might also drill and tap the hitch itself and use one or two bolts to take all the play out of the hitch, as it wiggles around some. The carrier has a bolt that is supposed to tighten the carrier against the hitch, but my hitch does not have a nice flat surface for the bolt to make pressure against.
  5. Forty5

    Cost to convert TE610 to SM610?

    Approximate costs to complete a set of rims in TE trim: Fr Brake Rotor 260mm - 8000 99632 $110.00 Fr Rotor Screws (4) - 8A00 55241 $1.54 ea R Brake Rotor 220mm - 8000 A0692 $105.00 R Rotor Screws (4) 8000 62726 $1.75 ea Brake Rotor Bushings (4) - 8000 A0693 $14.95 ea Rear Sprocket 45T - 8C00 85291 $54.95 (aftermarket) Sprocket Screws (6) - 8000 40796 $2.25 ea
  6. I am considering the TE610 for both recreational trail riding (Greenridge Forest in MD type stuff) and as an occasional commuter (less than 20 miles to work, once or twice a week). Realistically, I'm sure well over 50 percent will be pavement time, but I find the trail riding aspect appealing. Thus, I would be interested in obtaining rims to mount both street and trail tires. Is it only a matter of bolting on the proper front rotor to interchange the factory rims of the TE and SM or are there other issues? Anyone know the approximate cost involved? Thanks.