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  1. Thanks for the help ill look more into the JE!
  2. So I blew my top end up the other day with 20 hrs on it, hard to believe guess im just to used to Yamahas lol, but I was wondering if any one has heard anything about weisco pistons, Im all about putting in stock but if the coating is better on a weisco or pro circut piston Ill go with that let me know thanks
  3. crouse

    2007kx250f gallery bolt

    no the gallery bolt is the bolt you use to check to make sure oil is flowing to the top of the cylinder only fourstrokes have it, Yamahas have it right on the oil line
  4. crouse

    bike hard to start please help

    My 04 is the same way. I did an arenacross last winter and had to push my bike into mens restroom at the arena to get it warm enough to start. Seems to be like that if its under 50 degrees. Maybe rejetting would help?
  5. crouse

    2007kx250f gallery bolt

    My friend just switched from yamaha to kawasaki(07kx250f) and is wondering if the kawasaki's have a gallery bolt to check when changing oil?
  6. crouse

    Fired damaged 2008 YZ250F

    If he would have had full insurance it would've covered the bike, but it was a junker truck so he just had liability. He went off the road and went down a 15 ft. culvert and smashed into the other side of it and somehow the bike ended up leaning against the side of it. He's ok btw,except for a sprained ankle and broken tibia/fibia. A guy pulled him out right before it caught on fire. I'll try to get him to post pics of the bike and truck, they're pretty ugly
  7. My buddy was in a bad car wreck that caught his engine on fire. Unfortunately the bike was leaning against the truck and also caught on fire. All the plastic is all melted off, all but about 6 inches of the bars are melted, and the fork tubes burst. The engine still looks to be ok but will probably need cleaned out because the airbox and filter are all melted. The Dr. D exhaust held up too, and the rear wheel and swingarm are fine. My question is whether to sell parts off the bike and get a new one or try to rebuild. I'm not sure if the frame is still ok, it's all black in the front and I know aluminum weakens after it's heated, any advice?
  8. crouse

    crf250 fuel screw

  9. crouse

    crf250 fuel screw

    I am upgrading to a 2005 CRF250 and I currently own a 2004. Is the fuel screw the same, im wondering if I can transfer my aftermarket fuel screw to the 05?
  10. crouse

    Trany Oil Goin In Crank Anyone Else

    my front sprocket seal went out, check that it should be pretty obvious if its leaking or not
  11. i checked my valves tonight and my intakes were the same at .004 and .0035. however my exhausts are getting tighter, they were both at .0105 and now they're both at .009. From what I have read my intakes are about right, but are my exhaust valves too loose or too tight?? I think the manual says .010 but some have been saying to go .006, should I reshim them back to what they were before they tightened up? And the other question is what clearance do I look at in my manual to find this valve clearance(there are several different clearances that involve the valves) , I cant seem to find it.
  12. crouse

    2006 crf 250 giving troubles

    I would check the spark plug, my bike wouldnt start for anything until I replaced the plug, then it started 2nd kick. And my bike will start up in the cold after i give it a throttle blip or two, but i have to really feather it to keep it running. Its irritating because it takes awhile to warm up, thinking about turning the fuel screw in a little?
  13. My bike (04crf250) will idle perfectly,but when i give it gas it seems to be fine for about 2 seconds and then the revs drop way down or the bike shuts off depending on how long/much throttle i give it, and it wont start when the choke is on. I let it sit for 5 weeks while my broken wrist was healing (it ran perfect before that) so im guessing the carb is the problem, however i emptied the float bowl and put new gas in and its still doing the same thing. Should i just take the carb off and clean it?
  14. crouse

    lower oil filter cover bolt

    Im not sure if i was clear enough, the threads that the lower bolt threads into came out of the crankcase cover, so how would I replace those?
  15. crouse

    lower oil filter cover bolt

    I think I stripped my lower oil filter cover bolt. I was tightening it and it wouldnt get tight, however I didnt torque on it at all before, just made sure it was snug. So when I took it out half the threads came out with the bolt. Why would this happen and is there any way to fix it other than a new crankcase cover?