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  1. Piche

    Trask area on Sunday anyone

    ya and lots of it!!!
  2. Piche

    Racing pics

    just a question bout the 150 are you sure its a 150 cause it kinda doesnt have the kick starter like the 150's have unless the new 150s are electric start
  3. Piche

    plastic question

    so will the plastics for a 08 crf250r fit my 07 crf250x i know the side plates are a little different but will everything else fit?
  4. Piche

    Plastic question

    Are the 450 plastics of the same year the same as my 250? I dont wanna buy the David bailey kit for a 450 if it wont work on my 250 i found it on sale for pretty cheap for a 450.
  5. Piche


    Get her the wr250f i have a wr250r i like it but its not the easiest bike to trail ride. The wr250f is an easy trail rider. i would choose my 02 yz250f for trail riding over my wr250r any day of the week. I just like bein able 2 ride the road with the option 2 go off road.
  6. Piche

    Finished Conversion Project

    that is a very very clean conversion. im working on 1 myself at the moment. I was wondering if the kick starter bugs you at all when you ride it i didnt like how it rested over the frame. I found that a xr200 or a banshee kick starter fits rite now i am using a banshee kick starter it looks nice and fits in there quite nicely
  7. Piche

    Another XR100 Swap : KX80

    Hey wat make and year of bike did the kick start come off of im working on a conversion bike and I dont like where the stock xr kick starter sits and looking for a different style kick starter
  8. Piche

    ladies show us your bikes (pics)

    I wish santa luved me lol!! Ive had 2 work my but off 2 get all those bikes!! I luv that wr but i wish it had a lil more power then it does!! Ive already did alot of mods 2 it and its still not quite enough lol!! But hell it get about 65mpg!!!
  9. Piche

    ladies show us your bikes (pics)

    Heres my bikes!!! 2002 yz250f 2001 xr100 2008 wr250r 2000 cr80 but i got it torn apart and im puttin the xr100 engine in it!! My 2005 trx416ex And last but not least my gasgas/crf conversion 230
  10. Piche

    post your rides

    My rigs and toys 2002 xr100 2008 wr250r My 98 Toyota tacoma with my 2002 yz250f in the back 97 exploder My 2000 cr 80 which now has the xr100 engine in it!! My baby 05 400ex bored 2 a 416 with all the goodies!! And last but not least my gasgas/Honda 230 conversion bike
  11. Piche

    swing arm bolt removel

    So i got the bolt out i just drenched it in penetrating oil for a day and took a big ass hammer and beat the shit out of it and guess wat i came out!!! Now that the bolt is out i got the bike completely striped and got part of the frame cut!!! And I got my donner xr100 engine out of that bike!!
  12. Piche

    swing arm bolt removel

    Thanx guys i will try all that stuff on the dang bolt. I cant wait 2 get the thing out this is my project bike im puttin an xr100 engine in this chassis. Just 4 the hell of it. This will b my 2nd conversion bike i have dun. I cant wait 2 b able 2 ride the hundred 2 its fullest and not have 2 worry bout the suspensioN!!
  13. Piche

    swing arm bolt removel

    I could do that but the whole bike is pretty much striped now cause i was bored and kept takin stuff off of it so that would b kinda a pain to put all the stuff back on 2 run the engine
  14. Piche

    swing arm bolt removel

    Well nite 2 of tryin to get that bolt 2 move and no luck i heated the swingarm tryin 2 get it 2 budge not the bolt its self. I know better then that lol. Well i guess im gonna have to take the bike pretty much apart and take it 2 work and press the thing out. that was like last resort type of thing cause i wanted the leave the bike as a rolling chassis!!
  15. So i bought this cr 80 and I tryin 2 get the engine out and in order to get he engine out i have 2 remove the swing arm bolt and it wont budge. I have heated it and still wont move any ideas of wat to do. Or is there like a pin or sumthing holding it in any help would b great!!