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  1. RidingInPhoenix

    Wyoming Worland/Basin area WY

    Hey, my brother and I will be making a weekend trip over to Worland for some dirtbiking this coming Friday through Sunday. We have ridden in Worland quite a bit and I think we have seen all there is to see. I heard there was some good riding in Basin and wondered if anyone could give us some directions on how to get to the riding area, or even better meet us there and do some riding. We are both good riders so don't worry about us being able to get around. We have gone up to Cowley before as well and that was fun but it seemed like there was just the one big ridge to ride so we got bored of it after a few hours (unless we are missing something else). (username is from when I used to live in Pheonix, I live in Rapid City, SD now)
  2. RidingInPhoenix

    Wyoming Inyan Kara 2010

    Anyone know what photographers were at the Inyan Kara enduro? I know vastaction.com was but I thought I saw another company there as well. If anyone knows of other companies that were there please let me know, also if anyone finds any helmet cam video from the race I would love to watch it.
  3. RidingInPhoenix

    Wyoming Upton/Inyan Kara

    I live less than an hour from Upton and do a lot of riding in the Black Hills. I would like to try the IK enduro in 2010, but I was wondering if I can ride the area beforehand? I know the actual trails won't be marked but is it possible to ride some of the single track on a normal weekend? If it is what is the best place to start (i.e. where can I find a trail to hop on)? Thanks, and I know my username is RidingInPheonix but I live in Rapid City now.
  4. RidingInPhoenix

    Camping at Rampart Range

    Thanks for the tips. This will be our first time going to Rampart and with the weather forecast it should be a blast!
  5. RidingInPhoenix

    Camping at Rampart Range

    I will be coming with a couple of other guys down to Rampart from South Dakota this weekend and we wanted to camp (tents) while we were there. I have looked at rampartrange.org website and it lists both developed and dispersed camping. For us a dispersed campsite with no facilities would probably be the most fitting and fun. My question is how we can find a place to camp when we roll in. From the directions I think we were going to start heading down rampart range rd and hope to find a nice spot somewhere off the road. Are there areas that are obvious camp sites or do we just pull into a semi open flat area (if that even exists in Rampart)? Any guidance will be appreciated.
  6. RidingInPhoenix

    wyoming riding

    Hey everyone! I do not live in Phoenix anymore as my screenname implies. I now live in Rapid City, SD and I am looking for more places to ride. I just got back from a long weekend trip to Grand Junction/Montrose, CO. A group of us take a yearly trip down there and its a blast, it pretty much dwarfs anything in the Black Hills. Anyway I am looking for somewhere closer to home so we don't have to drive 12 hours each way. I enjoy single tracks, and some long rides but my whole group really has fun doing hill climbs. Is there large areas to ride near Lovell WY? Down in CO there are large areas for people to ride and hill climbs for as far as you can see. If anyone can give me an idea of what kind of riding is available there that would be great (or if there would be another place that would suit the type of riding I like). Thanks, Marshall
  7. RidingInPhoenix

    Already jetted - Still have hanging idle

    Thanks guys. I will check to make sure everything is on tight first, then I will drill out that stupid fuel screw plug and try that route.
  8. RidingInPhoenix

    Already jetted - Still have hanging idle

    I just rejetted the wifes bike to 17.5 and 110, and it made an incredible difference. But it still has a little bit of a hanging idle. If I rev the engine a little it will take a second or two for the bike to drop down to normal idle. I know my screename implies that I am in Phoenix, but I recently moved to South Dakota and its pretty cold here. My first inclination is that it's still running a bit lean??? Should I try the 20 pilot that I have, or should I mess with the fuel screw? I guess the other option is to leave the bike alone until things warm up around here. Will cold weather lean a bike or richen it up? Thanks for any advice, this forum has definitely helped me get this bike running well (still kind of pissed that it ran like crap from the dealership though). BTW - bike is stock except for the above mentioned jets and the exhaust washer mod.
  9. RidingInPhoenix

    Where the hell is the Pilot Screw ?!?!?!

    Yup, its a plug. I just talked to my service guy about the same thing. He said that you can just drill out the plug "carefully" and the the screw is underneath the plug. Good Luck.
  10. RidingInPhoenix

    OK bike to begin with?

    My wife is 4'11" and needs a seat height of about 28". There are very few bikes out there that fit that size (e.g. kx65, ktm 65, etc). My wife has never ridden a bike before and I am wondering if I should buy one of these for her first? We do mostly all trail riding, but we move pretty fast. Could she keep up? Thanks for your advice.
  11. RidingInPhoenix

    TTR125 - Max Power - Mods available

    We will mostly be doing trail riding, pretty fast trails, and alot of hills. Can a YZ85 be lowered to a seat height of 30 inches?
  12. RidingInPhoenix

    TTR125 - Max Power - Mods available

    OK, before anyone tells me to read the sticky at the top of the board. I just did. It had some great information about getting power out of the bike. So only one question remains. With all the mods listed can this bike keep up with some of the bigger brethren? My wife only weighs 100lbs so she won't be weighing down the bike.
  13. RidingInPhoenix

    TTR125 - Max Power - Mods available

    I am trying to find a bike for my wife. She is only 4'11" tall, so I need something with a very low seat height like a TTR (hopefully it is low enough, havn't had her sit on it yet). But I want her to be able to keep up with the rest of us when riding, and be able to do very big hill climbs and such. I don't mind spending $1,000 to $2,000 on modifications for her, I am just trying to find a bike with a small frame to start with and the electric start is a big plus also. I thought the TTR would be the best one out of the available 125s. Can I get enough power out of the TTR to satisfy an adult? I think I have read about putting a big bore kit (150cc I think), new carb, exhaust, and suspension. Any other way to get power out of this bike?