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  1. Koko Azuela

    San Felipe 250

    They were hauling butt for sure, I chased for them at race mile 68 and they were already 5th bike overall, major bummer... with about 3-4 min lead on the next class 21 bike..
  2. Koko Azuela

    Is it safe?

    And your point is? Juarez and Chihuahua are lot´s of miles from baja, baja has issues? yes, huge ones, but the op is asking about baja and san felipe, so get on track... A drug war is a drug war, not a war on tourists or gringos on dirt bikes.. See ya guys in san felipe in 2 weeks!! be safe everyone
  3. Koko Azuela

    Racers and Ranchers #4

    Let me ask Tony at Anthony's if he can help us out with a prize for the raffle!!!
  4. Koko Azuela

    Colton Udall breaks arm on verge of 1st full baja year with JCR

    You taking his place Tim??
  5. Koko Azuela

    650 Shock part DOS

    Dude, still need that measurement, i have that shock laying around in my garage, i can measure it when i get to my casa later tonigt, let me know..
  6. Koko Azuela

    2008 BAJA 1000 Official Results

    Cool, a buddy of mine raced in this team as well, Alberto Ruiz, he did the start then the coast, he mentioned the issues with the lights.. Good to hear you had a nice ride!!! Congrats! :bonk:
  7. Koko Azuela

    BAJA 1000: Full List of Riders, Teams and Bikes

    Go 305x!!!
  8. Koko Azuela

    Baja 1000 Course Speculation

    Stop speculating, that´s the pinche course!!!! (no fancy lighting system required) Except for a new section near mike´s, nice and smooth!!
  9. Koko Azuela

    In Trouble in Mexico....Please Help!

    Like my grandpa says, no news is good news, bad news travels fast.... let´s hope everything turns out well....
  10. Koko Azuela

    Koko Azuela

    He´s sending me ultra top secret GPS coordinates for the ponderosa lines he´s using at the mil!!! Salud everyone!! off to bed now
  11. Koko Azuela

    Paseo de Verano in Ensenada July 13

    Yeah, dont come, more tacos and beer for me!!! JAT, what the hell is going on in Sacramento?? They moved the start to costco since december of last year..
  12. Koko Azuela

    Baja... cheap fuel, and are they running out?!

    True about the 1/2 peso increase.. Diesel shortage is true in the border towns, tj, tecate, mexicali, but not out completely, false about only selling to mex nationals, in ensenada is easy to find, not as bad as in tj.. Heading south, say sto tomas, plenty of diesel available, san quintin and el rosario is a non issue, i got back from my rancho (cataviña area) about a week ago, stopped at rosario to say hello to a friend at mama espinoza's, got fuel with no problems... But just to be safe, fill up a 5gal jug when filling up the tank with diesel and you'll be fine!!
  13. Koko Azuela

    2008 BAJA 500 Race Day-Post here from the peanut gallery...

    Hey Tim, do you have this spot marked as a caution point on yor GPS thingie?
  14. Koko Azuela

    Alabama part 2

    What did your wife had to say? just wondering..
  15. Koko Azuela

    Alabama part 2

    Yep, same dude!! Best of luck Gary!! Big congrats on scoring a ride with a great team!!!! Have you slept since you got the email?