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  1. Are you guys taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather or what ? and where?
  2. All the state ORV parks are closed november through april or may.
  3. At 15 years old you should be happy you have a bike to ride, and that your dad is willing the shell out the cash for KTMS
  4. I just moved up to a 05 WR 250 from a TTR 225. There is absolutely no camparison between a TTR and a WR. The TTR series are play bikes, they are easy to ride. They dont have anywhere near the power, or suspension that you will find on the WR. I'm 22, 150 lbs and an intermediate woodsrider from Massachusetts, and i ride pretty hard. So far the WR has performed excelent- its much easier to throw around than a 450 due to the light weight. Kick starting this bike is so easy the magic button is almost unnecessary.