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  1. Check out the deals at Barton's Motorsports. We stopped by there and my friend got a sweet deal on an 08'450f. Good people to deal with and its tax free N.H. Check out there website bartonsmotorsports.com you wont be disappointed.
  2. Sorry pic of bike isnt that great! Its a fairly stock 07 limited yz450f. But it does the trick..
  3. REvvY

    reasonable dealer price on an 07

    I'd get that in writing!!
  4. Did everyone on this site miss the race before this one???? Was I watching a race from another planet or what? In the previous race Bubba made a pass on Reed and bounced his bike off Reeds.Even though he was completely on the inside and no where close to Reed, he still managed to bang into him, although I didnt see reed crying at the end of the race. Anyway, there is no sense posting opinions on either one of these guys. They both get paid way too much for something everyone on this site would do for free, bumps or not, racing is racing...get over it..
  5. REvvY

    Say What!!! (ST.Louis pic)

    Funny, all these kids saying how Reed's block pass was poor sportsmanship, blah blah blah... Yet just the weekend before Bubba did the same thing to Reed, he went from an inside line, ran all the way to Reeds outside line and smacked his bike to push Reed out. Although Bubba could have passed easily on the inside. I'm glad Reed stuffed him back, the little prick deserves it, especially considering how he started the season off. Bubba needs to learn, you ride like an #@$hole you get treated like an #$@hole.......Props to Reed and props to Goat for the win...
  6. REvvY

    Motocross Movies

    Any of you out there remember "winners take all".. Its an oldy, my friends and I watched it at least 300 times. Horrible actors and bad story line, but when your 10 its just the movie to get you pumped up. And yes Supercross the movie, was a let down. Funny, the two movies for being 25 years apart had a very similar story line...
  7. Thats what they get! LOL.....
  8. Take your loosest setting and your tightest setting, find the midpoint. Set your gap so its almost a hair tight on this setting but a hair loose on the tightest setting. Check with motor cold and it should be good. Like they said before,you wouldnt notice a big difference, if any by adjusting .0025", so long as your in spec. Just check it regularly and adjust when necc.
  9. REvvY

    Yet another idle prob but on a new '06

    Nothing for nothing, but try cleaning the carb and jets first. I know around here, some of these bikes sit for months on the dealers floor w/ gas in them. If your gas is as good as ours, it lasts about 1 month. Especially considering this bike is now a left over from last year! It could have some varnish build up. If its clean, do the mods. Start with pipe, air box and throttle stop screw. Purchase a jet kit and go to town. The bike will be night and day different..Good luck.
  10. REvvY

    159 foot jump on a quad

    Re: 159 foot jump on a quad "Ya that was pretty sick but let me know when a quad can do a double backflip!" Let me know when you can do a back flip at all !!! Then you can talk shit. Until then, give the kid his props. Because there aren't too many riders in this forum that would hit that jump on a bike, let alone a quad........Nice jump.
  11. REvvY

    Any one in NH???

    Hey guys quick question. I work in the Ossipee NH area, was wondering if there was a track indoor and outdoor built in this location would you ride? If so how many others do you know that would. Nothing set in stone yet, just trying to get an idea how many riders would be interested.Thanks..
  12. REvvY

    PRO-CIRCUIT Type 496 vs. FMF Q2

    I recently put a Q2 on my 06' yz250f and I love it. For the price, fit and finish and overall performance, it's a great pipe. Get the header as well and you'll be very happy with the results.
  13. REvvY

    SPIDERMAN tearing my yard up!

    Bag of grass seed $49.95, lawn fertilizer $19.95, watching your son win his first motocross championship PRICELESS!! Awesome pics.. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 1 1/2 year old son, I too will be planting grass. That is, until they can handle riding on my track. Then its, STAY OFF THE GRASS!!! LMAO..
  14. I've used castrol super clean in a spray bottle mixed w/ water. Spray bike, dont let it sit too long, the aluminum wont look too pretty if the cleaner is left on it for more than 10 minutes or so.Hose it down, air dry with compressor. The one thing I do on all my toys after washed is spray with W-d 40. I saturate the motor, frame and any metal or rubber parts. I usually dont try to get the plastic. But you'll be amazed how fresh the bike will look years down the road, and the wd 40 disipates quickly, (just dont run your bike right after you've sprayed it.) Oh and if someone has a eyeglass repair kit they're not using, grab the mini screwdriver from it, and use it for air idle screw adjustments.
  15. REvvY

    yz250f lighting

    You can buy a stator kit from ( I think its eline accessories) for around 5 bills. You get a new side case cover, stator and wiring. You'll still need the light and a wiring tech to hitch it up correctly, but it's not bad for the ability to ride at night. Do a search for eline accessories.