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  1. adambomb777

    05 crf 450r valve adjustment help

    I made a mark on one side of the cam sprocket and the side it bolted to on the cam so I know that it hasn't been turned 180. I was thinking the same thing about the cam chain moving, because for awhile it was binding and that was my original problem. Every thing seems to be okay now, just have to throw it together.
  2. adambomb777

    05 crf 450r valve adjustment help

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I got the the punch mark on the crank to line up, the cam sprocket mark to line up, the lobes towards the rear, and it turns without any binding. I have one more question though, the mark I made on the chain and the sprocket before I disassembled I cannot get to line up??? If I do line up the marks I made, the crank punch mark and the cam sprocket mark will never line up. Is this a problem? Is it possible the chain moved a few teeth on the sprocket on the crank?
  3. adambomb777

    05 crf 450r valve adjustment help

    I didn't turn the adjuster in before putting it back on, I will try that and see if it helps. Would that cause the cam chain to bind? The shims I put in are thinner so I don't think it should be a problem with the valves hitting the piston. The timing chain is on the crank because if I undo the cam sprocket bolts it will turn freely with the kick starter, just have a problem when I bolt the sprocket to the cam.
  4. I was adjusting my valves for the first time and have now ran into a problem. I put in the new shims, put the cam holder back in, lined up the punch mark on the right crankcase cover, put the lobes facing the rear, put the chain on the sprocket(lining up the permanant marker lines I made on the chain and sprocket) and put the sprocket on while aligning the index marks, put in the the sprocket bolts. I then go to give it a few revolutions with the kick starter and it gets to the point where the lobes are pretty close to touching the valve lifters and it will not go any further. I can back the crankshaft off and try again but it stops at the same point. It seems as if the cam chain is binding, but when i take the cam bolts out and let it rotate without the cam it is fine. When it came to the step of using the special tol on the cam chain tensioner i just took the whole unit off instead, does this matter???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.