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  1. If it runs good and looks good you can get about 1800 out of it here in Virginia
  2. I would like to know the same thing. You can find the rm80's cheaper than a cr80. I know were a bunch of them are cheap. Let me know what you find out
  3. I like the moose. They work the best for me.
  4. I was wondering if anybody knew what to use on the old ds80 tanks to paint them. I'm currently restoring one and any help would help. Thank you for your input.
  5. You better get that checked out bacause metal fillings can mess up your motor
  6. if you still need some shocks i saw some cr80 ones that will fit your bike for a dollar check ebay out
  7. get the 150 I' ve never had any problems with mine also you can get all kinds of upgrades for it, the xr200 is old and is harder to get performance parts for.
  8. it is possible but i would keep the electric and save my money for something else
  9. get the CRF230 they are a better bike all the way around just not as many upgrade parts
  10. the two pieces of rubber hose are optional. I used them on my 4 wheeler instead of them things that expand when you screw them tight.I took them pieces off, put the rubber hose on the bolt, and put a bolt on the end. They work real good it keeps the vibration down
  11. thanks for the tip and i will get that plastic before spring, i hope
  12. thanks alot i will have to talk mom into getting me a set for christmas
  13. i have a job between cell phone bills and christmas shopping i have no money left for a 250 dollar set of plastic from maier
  14. let me know how it turns out. if it is good i might try it my self.
  15. I have heard rumors about a universal lower fork guard that will strap on to the crf150. If this is true , does any one know where to find them? Thanks for the help