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  1. yamaha1990

    oil drain bolt stripped

    if your trying to get the bolt out you can try heating up the area around it with a torch and using vice grips and if that doesnt work you can try to shave down the sides and use a smaller wrench on it and if that still doesnt work you can cut a groove in the top and use a big flat head to get it out.
  2. yamaha1990

    Stepping Up

    i agree go with the yz it gets bike of the years all the time. i have ridden both and i personaly like the yz much more than the cr.
  3. yamaha1990

    Ring Nut wrench?

    i have always called it a preload wrench and you can find them all over ebay. Item number: 330095475950 < just type that number in on the search bar on ebay and it will bring up a good one.
  4. yamaha1990

    2007 handlebar vibrating

    i would also agree with using your knees more. also the more you ride the less your hands seem to be a problem or at least thats how it was with me.
  5. yamaha1990

    Best motor for a yz80 conversion?

    it is possible to put a ttr motor in a yz but i have no idea why someone in there right mind would take a yz80 and put a motor with half the horsepower in it. your bike may be different than all the other yz if you put a trail bike motor in it but sure isnt going to be faster or as fun to ride.
  6. yamaha1990

    bike suddenly dies

    When it dies on you have you been riding it for a very long time? If so the bike could be overheating due to a problem with the carburetor or maybe the radiator but most likely the carb.
  7. im ride a 06 yz250 and have a fmf Q for when i go somewhere that il need a spark arrestor. the pipe really quiets down the bike and i cant realy notice a power difference. i like the way the pipe looks and it keeps the exhaust gas off the fenders.
  8. yamaha1990

    2-strokes How to ride?

    The main thing for a 2 stroke is to just do your best at keeping it in the power band at all times. Its way different from the 4 strokes you’re going to will have to shift a lot more. You’re not going to just sit in one gear the whole time but that doesn’t mean shift earlier. You need to make sure that you go all the way to the top of one gear before you switch to the next. I ride an yz250 and love it there is just nothing like a good 2 stroke.
  9. yamaha1990

    Gearing Question

    you could also try changing transmission oil. sometimes different oils dont work so good with the clutch and it will just slip till all the oil is out from between the plates then suddenly catch.
  10. yamaha1990

    05 yz-125 what 2 do??

    I would go with the 144 because you would have so much more low end that you would be able to add parts that normally would take away to much low end to gain high end power. The only thing I might worry about is reliability but it if the bike is for racing that usually isn’t an issue.
  11. yamaha1990

    TTR 125 Rear Disc Brake Conversion kit?

    the swingarm is a direct bolt on. you do however have to cut the frame at the top were the shock bolts on to make space for the reservior and then weld a support to make up for the weak spot in the frame u made. i just ordered the parts for my bike and will be doing this mod along with the forks in the next couple of weeks
  12. yamaha1990

    does gas really matter?

    it would be pointless to run high octane gas in a ttr 90 seeing as the compression ratio is not near high enough to cause knocking (the gas ignites before spark) even with 87 octane. so unless your bike is already knocking then there will be no increase in power what so ever there will however be a increase in your amount of money spent of gas.
  13. yamaha1990

    rev limiter

    the ttr does have a rev limiter i have hit it a lot www.procomengineering.com makes a aftermarket rev box that will take it off for around 120.00 i think.
  14. yamaha1990

    Aftermarket Replacement Levers for TT125?

    www.motosport.com has lost of aftermarket parts for the ttr 125 including brake levers.
  15. yamaha1990

    bbr exhaust problem on ttr 125l need help

    Thanks for all the help I'll try the vise grips and if that doesn't work than I guess I will try and weld the bolt.