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  1. jfast426

    Bultaco's ONLY!

    Awsome bike. Yours? I have a friend who had a 360 on a dirt track frame, I rode it almost all season last year. Its quite a weapon in the lightweight vintage class. Pulled the motor off of it this year in favor of mx 250 Harley power. The little Harley is cool but he took a race winner and turned it into a show bike.
  2. jfast426

    Bultaco's ONLY!

    Damn right they do. Do you have a bull?
  3. jfast426

    Few pics of my 426 "slider"

    I had another set of forks and a shock that was shortened 2". Didnt cost me anything to drop it and someone offered me their stock suspension and 100 bucks for my dirt track setup so I let it go. Im 6'2" and I almost think I like the stock set up better. I did put progressive springs on both ends though. I also had a stock front hub laced to a 19 inch hoop with a brake on it which I also got rid of because I bought a nice talon light weight hub. Gotta have a brake up front to run little tight TT tracks. Cant seem to hang on to any thing, all it takes is a reasonable offer and its gone. I figure if I can get rid of something its time to get something better. Looking for a nice dirt track chassis to put a yzf motor on so I hate to keep sinking money into a stock frame bike.
  4. jfast426

    Few pics of my 426 "slider"

    Its not that hard to learn once you take everything you know and throw it out the window. When you have the bike leaned over and chop the throttle it breaks loose on its own pretty easy. The more sideways you get the bike the more speed you scrub off, then you have to put the power back on to get straight again. If you stay out of the gas too long it'll just keep sliding. You actually use very little brake on the bigger tracks witch is opposite what you would think. Instead of using your foot to catch you if the bike slips like on mx you plant your foot and put the rest of your weight on the outside footpeg and let the bike more or less drag you. If you keep too much weight on the seat you WILL go down.
  5. I use Klotz 4-stroke techniplate in my 426 just because its the best thing we sell at our dealership. We carry yamaha and suzuki oils but klotz products is the only "aftermarket oils" we keep. I have never had a problem wirh the klotz, I run dirt track witch is wide open most of the time. I change it every race and it is clean and red just like when I pour it in. I am not real crazy about yamalube R but Suzuki has a 15-50 Syn racing oil that they recomend for their sport bikes that seems to be really good. I have been wondering for a while and some of you oil guys may know, where yamalube, suzuki, or honda oem oils are made. Do the factorys make it them self or is it somthing else wrapped in a different name.
  6. jfast426

    Few pics of my 426 "slider"

    I have a 02 Yz 250 that I ride in the woods and the occ. moto. I live in western ky, the best riding around here is Turkey Bay O.H.V located on Ky. lake. Awsome place to ride
  7. jfast426

    Few pics of my 426 "slider"

    Wondering if any of you guys are in to the dirt track thing? Loads of fun, with a little re gearing my 426 ran 82 mph on a half mile last weekend. Its quite a trip with no front brake and the steel shoe slidin.
  8. http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g93/jfast426/100_0387.jpg http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g93/jfast426/100_0387.jpg http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g93/jfast426/100_0392.jpg May be out dated on an mx track but it beats 450s on a dirt track all the time.
  9. jfast426

    Another stupid question

    Still wondering about the fork. I have the rear sag set up like grayracers post says to do with the race sag and the static sag but the fork still doesnt move when I sit on the bike. If you hold the front brake when you sit on it the fork will sag just a little bit. Thanks
  10. I tried searching but need some help pretty quick. I am trying to set sag on my rear shock and not sure if I am going at this the right way. Do I first need to measure with bike on stand then with me on it or measure with bike sitting on the floor then with me on it or both. I am also having trouble getting any sag from my forks but I think that might be because my shock is too soft. Needs to be done by tommorow so any help would be app. Thanks Jason
  11. jfast426

    little odd but....

    Wondering if anyone had any ideas on getting a 19 inch wheel on the front of my yz426 to go flat track racing. Running flat track does not require a front brake and the poor mans setup is finding a streetbike wheel that will fit the axle and spacing it in there but all of our races around here run F.T. and T.T and a front brake is pretty essential on a T.T track that contains hairpins and the occaisional jump. I have considered lacing up a yz hub with a 19 inch hoop. I work at a yamaha dealer and get parts at cost but wheels are expensive just to run a few races a year. The rest of the time I hare scramble and trail ride. Would really like to find a good deal on a bent front wheel or just a hub. Any help would be app. Jason
  12. jfast426

    any help before I spend money

    Thanks so much for the info. I have a 8x16 enclosed that I use on big rides or when racing but really needing somthing for when its just me. I have a class III hitch already so it looks like the carrier is the way to go for me.
  13. jfast426

    any help before I spend money

    thought about it but...... lol
  14. So i just sold my truck and bought a suburban and the bike just wont fit in the back. Was really considering one of those bike carrier things that slip in a trailer hitch. Looks like a good idea but I was wondering if any one had any pros and cons.
  15. jfast426

    Service Manual wrong?

    Not sure but I think that the O1 pipe is the first one that will clear the filter without removing the pipe but all you have to do is loosen it so it will twist far enough out of the way.