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  1. How 'bout you just ride that SV over here to Detroit and I'll send you home on my SM! Don't bother looking at the photos in "my garage" cuz it doesn't look anything like that anymore.
  2. gotcha, so just a more affordable replacement for the OEM piece...
  3. holy crap, looks funnnnnn!
  4. Does the RS put out more wattage than a stocker?
  5. looks like i have some things to try... my bike goes into tank slapper mode at 75+ mph and i don't really enjoy it.
  6. couple from last summer...
  7. just put Avon Pro Extreme's on mine today, 120Fr and 160Rr... Our idiot former service manager ordered them for no reason and they've been sitting on the shelf for quite a while waiting to be put on something, so i thought may as well try em. i love em so far! may post some pics tomorrow.
  8. I'm a tech @ Triumph Detroit.
  9. yeah, we moved back in april and the new owner doesn't want anything to do with husky's unfortunately... triumph hasn't done the show in the last few years, they use the money for magazine advertising instead. we thought about having our own dealer booth but they wanted like $10,000 for a 10x10 booth. plus we don't have any of the "all new" '07's yet (ie. the tiger 1050) so we opted not to do it...
  10. We're #3 (triumph detroit). But I think we're dropping them if we haven't already...
  11. Even more idiots to deal with tomorrow... I did the Husky booth last year.
  12. regalman, where in MI are you?
  13. yeah i can roll a stoppie out pretty well, i just keep trying to go bigger and bigger. my latest thing has been doing a stoppie to 180 thingy. i'm not sure if it has a real name... i pretty much dont care if i drop my drz, the daytona on the other hand, thats a diferent story.
  14. i've had quite a few nice crashes practicing stoppies, my gear has given me my moneys worth for sure...
  15. clutch that baby! you're not trying until you crash!