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  1. DRpuckheadZ

    **bike problems PLEASE HELP**

    sounds like a stator issue to me. I've been through this with my bike. its not a hard fix but stators aren't cheap.
  2. DRpuckheadZ

    Best Backpack

    i've been through about 5 different backpacks, anything with a hydro sleeve and good zippers should work. i am eye-ing a new "sling backpack" so i would'nt have to remove it to access it (mainly batteries for the mp3). edit... +1 for compression staps
  3. DRpuckheadZ

    tire question

    i have heard of people running them on the DRZ. and i have one in my garage, kinda waiting for the big bore kit first. i have read that some people drop the gearing a few teeth to componsate for the taller tire.
  4. DRpuckheadZ

    A short bit of film where we ride!

    looks like fun.
  5. DRpuckheadZ

    O-ring chain or non

    i would stick with an o-ring chain. either one would work fine though.
  6. DRpuckheadZ

    engine "surging" seems like a power drain

    I have been struggling with this exact problem for about 12 months now:foul: and still havn't found a solution, only surges after it gets warmed up (about 4 mi. in town putting around or about 10 mi. at 60 mph). been through the carb 5 or 6 times new jets twice checked the valves twice adjusted the valves all in spec. it has a new stator it has a new cdi its driving me crazy
  7. i use two quarts. have had no probs.
  8. DRpuckheadZ

    My take on the 'Turkey Baster Mod'

    i want to see picts of how one those is mounted.
  9. DRpuckheadZ

    cdi "green wire"

    i wasn't replacing the cdi for performance reasons, i thought my S cdi was bad.
  10. DRpuckheadZ

    Tubeless with stock rim!

    is this a sticky tape? does it go over the spokes or the beads or both?
  11. DRpuckheadZ

    cdi "green wire"

    i wish you had chimed in a lil earlier... my S cdi was fine:bonk: oh well, i now run an E cdi
  12. DRpuckheadZ

    Bought my 3rd DRZ400

    nice looking bike. +1 free power mod.
  13. DRpuckheadZ

    need help... bike won't run under load.

    just an update, it was a dirty carb. I cleaned it, it ran great for 2.8 mi. then it did it again. its time to clean the gas tank (and carb, again). i am getting pretty good at it, i can pull the carb in about 15 mins now.
  14. DRpuckheadZ

    Hit the kill switch when riding...loud bang and flames

    i wounder what that lil' trick would look like on a dyno.
  15. DRpuckheadZ

    need help... bike won't run under load.

    I'll pull the carb and try cleaning it again. I really hope that is all it is.