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  1. Thanks.. and i was just told i am in the wrong forum...
  2. its a cr250r 2000. I'm in the right place arent' i?
  3. When you lose compression. I learned it the hard way. I am new to 2 stroke bikes...however, i did know that 2 strokes require a mix. I know this.. i've made the mix before and i've used it before... however... i thought the gas in the tank was already mixed... so we topped it off before we left for the trip and when we got there.. we just jumped on the bikes and took off. The bike ran great for about an hour.. hard.. fun riding.. then all of a sudden.. it just lost power. It didn't seize up or anything like that.. it just lost power. We thought we ran out of gas... but there was still plenty. We checked the spark plug and it looked okay... we cleaned it and then it dawned on me... the gas i was using may not have had any mix in it... Then we looked at the gas and it didn't look like it had any mix in it. I didn't smell like 2 stroke and i couldn't remember seeing any noticiable smoke while we were riding... dam.. what an idiot. So... what do you guys think? How badly did i or couild i have damaged the top end? What should my costs be? I'm in socal.. know any great shops.
  4. We'll i'll tell you. A cr 250 with a FMF Pipe, V Force Reed Valves and a 230 lb rider will pull away from a stock trx 450 bone stock with a 250 lb rider. In 5th gear... he just keeps on going.
  5. I guess i'l get a good idea of which bike does what... I'll be riding them both in Mexico this weekend. The good thing is.. no matter how badly i get beat.. They're both my bikes.... it's all good.
  6. Okay.. okay... okay If i don't own a crf 250... then its a cr250. Or is that wrong... might it be a cr250r? I don't know man. I'm not really a big dirt bike rider. I grew up on ATC's. It had been years since i rode any ATV. Then i went out one day... rode a rm125... liked it and picked up a 2000 Honda CR250R. It's a lot more bike on the low end... but the top end isn't dialed in right. Maybe it's becasue i'm 250... I don't know. It has a full FMF Pipe, V Force Reed Valves. The kid i bought it from never mentioned if the carb was worked on. Like i said.. the bottom end is sick.. but top end isn't what i expected it to be. Then again i also have a CBR1000RR and i've done 170 several times.. maybe i am just aclimated to the speed. Anyway... The bike seems to mush around a little bit too much for me... but again..this might have nothing to do with tire pressure and more to do with me not being a really good dirt bike rider. In any event... the tire make is Dunlop Sport RS D739G. Oh yeah.. i bought a Honda TRX 450 to take to mexico too. I'll see what the 4 stroke can do.
  7. Mexico.. i'll be riding in Baja this weekend.. Mexico is mostly dirt... not many roads, not much sand.
  8. Thanks.. that will do
  9. I know a bike and a quad are like night and day as far as riding goes.. but performance wise... how do they measure up.
  10. I have a 2000 CRF 250... What is the correct tire pressure i should be running. I'm going to be riding in mostly dirt this weekend. Thanks in advance.