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  1. That is a nice package for a decent price for sure. Thanks for all the help guys. I have decided to wait out and keep checking the ads to see what comes up. I have always wanted a 450 four stroke so I think I will save up some more money and just buy a newer 450f since woods riding is what I mainly want to be doing. If I can't get enough money together I will probably stick with an older 250 2 stroke then. The waiting is killing me!!! I just want to ride!! I found this ad: http://www.canadatrader.com/result/detailinfo.aspx?ID=1311830&pgno=5&srt=7&r=britishcolumbia That seems like a really good price. Not sure about the people selling it as they seem to have a lot of ads up with "DON'T PAY FOR 6 MONTHS or Call For Payment Per MONTH OTD! OAC" in everyone of them.
  2. Ouch, I have had bruised ribs before. Hurts everytime you breath in. I couldn't imagine the pain with cracked ribs. I am hoping I can take a look at this KX250 soon and will probably get it if it is in good condition.
  3. KDX220 looks really nice I will keep my eye out for em. I am Canadian so the 2k is canadian funds which isn't as much as 2k USD. Bikes in Canada seem to be more money too. I check online adds for Florida and was wishing I lived there cause there are so many cheap bikes. So I should look for smoke coming out around the crankcase? If the crankcase seals were bad would oil leak out?
  4. I don't know anyone with a 250 2 stroke. KTM 200 looks nice however as I am buying used I am just looking for bikes in my price range. If I see a ktm 200 for a good price I will definitely go check it out. Does anyone know what it would cost to get a weighted flywheel installed? What kind of gear do I need? I should be good with just a helmet and gloves, correct? I would like to get boots later on however I know guys that dirt bike in running shoes all the time.
  5. okay thanks for the help. With setting up the suspension to my weight, is that going to require new parts or just the cost for labor? Would it be easy to do myself? I want to learn how to do all the maintenance myself and basic repairs as that's the kind of person I am. I wanted a computer so I bought all the parts and built it myself, I am now studying to become a computer tech as a career. I am a good DIY kind of person. I couldn't imagine myself spending money to get my pc fixed so I figure I will do the same thing for my bike and just learn how to do it all myself.
  6. Is there a noticeable powerband in every gear or is it more noticeable in certain gears? I could see where a noob like me might hit the powerband and accidentally crank on a bit more throttle while holding on.
  7. Anyone know of any good resources I can read up on the powerband? Any tips on how to prepare for it if its your first time riding a 2 stroke?
  8. I have read other people say a 2 stroke is better for trail riding as it is lighter and a XR600 would be better for open desert type riding.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys! What about the question I had on the pipes?? Would the FMF pipe have more power and would installing the stock pipe be a good idea until I get better at riding? EDIT: Ah yes an XR. That is the only 4 stroke I would consider buying used as I hear they are tanks. They seem to be pretty expensive however as a lot of people are after them.
  10. Yeah that's what I keep thinking. I have lots of experience with using a clutch and shifting from driving my standard car. I also have the experience from riding the 250f which I was amazed at how quick I picked up and was ripping through trails. I felt 100% comfortable riding the 250f considering it was my first time on a dirt bike. Exactly my thoughts. I am sure it would still easily knock me on my ass but considering my weight it would probably take more to knock me off then a lighter person. I am also worried about a 250f or 125t wearing out sooner because of my weight I am sure the motor would be working harder to get going. Thanks for the warning. Would you recommend staying to open straight logging roads for the first bit until I get used to the RPMs and powerband. Maybe set a gear that I will not go over while I am learning. I wish I knew someone with a 250 2 stroke so I could try it out before I buy.
  11. Hello, I am wanting to buy my first bike and from everything I have read online I am leaning the most towards a 250 2 stroke. I am 21 5'8" and around 240lbs so I am a bit over weight. Back in the day when I wanted to get a 4 stroke everyone said I should get a 450 due to my weight. Now I am more interested in a 2 stroke since I am buying used and I hear it is cheaper to rebuild them and is also cheaper to buy then a 450f. I have experience riding quads (660 Grizzly) and also rode on a 2006 WR250F this year for about an hour or two. I had no problems riding the 250f considering it was my first time riding a dirt bike and feel I would want to upgrade very soon if I was to get a 250f. I also drive a standard car so I have lots of experience with shifting gears and I have been jumping bmx bikes since I was 12. So, do you think it would be a good idea to get a 250 2 stroke for my first bike? I am currently looking at a 1998 Kawasaki KX250 for $2,000 obo. Is a older 1998 KX250 going to be easier for a beginner then say a newer 2009 KX250? I would imagine the older 2 strokes aren't as powerful as the new 2 strokes due to technology changes. Would the power of the newer 06 WR250F I rode be close to the power of the older 1998 KX250 or does the year of the bike not have much to do with the power? The bike I am looking at has an FMF pipe and it also comes with the stock pipe. Could I put the stock pipe back on to lower the power? Are there other things I could do to lower the power as well? Is a throttle stop something I should look into? I read in another post someone said "2 strokes hit harder in the high RPMs" so for a beginner couldn't I just shift a lot sooner and not get too close to those high RPMs until I know I can handle them? Or is that going to cause too much wear and tear on the bike shifting in the lower RPMs? The other point I was looking at is... If I start on a 250 2 stroke I will be a lot more cautious and have a lot more respect for the machine. I would probably be a safer rider with the 2 stroke because of all the power and respect I would have towards the machine where as if I had a 250 4 stroke I would probably ride it harder and wouldn't think twice about cranking the throttle. Of course once I feel comfortable on the 250 2 stroke I would then open up and have all that power to grow into. Mainly I want to get a 2 stroke because I am buying used and it will be cheaper to rebuild if need be. I am just trying to decide if I should go ahead with the 2 stroke and hopefully it won't be too much machine for me. Because I am around 240lbs would my weight make it easier to learn on a 250 2 stroke then someone who is around 180lbs? Here is the bike I am looking at: http://comoxvalley.en.craigslist.ca/mcy/1208176703.html What do you think? Price is in Canadian funds. Those aren't the stock plastics are they? EDIT: I must be stupid. I forgot to post what type of riding I will be doing. I will be starting off with logging roads and wide back roads (pipe line by my house) and then working my way into some of the trails we have around here. So I will mainly be doing trail riding. I haven't been down a 1/4 of the trails so not sure if they are open or really tight. I can't wait to get my bike and go exploring.
  12. That would be sweet if I could find a new XR400.
  13. Alright thanks for the advice... Around where I live there are a LOT of logging roads and the pipe line, but there are also a lot of trails and tight woods. I have to ride down the logging roads and pipe line to get to the trails, so I guess I will be doing both. Fast logging roads and tight trails. I obviously won't be going 120kmh any time soon, but when I drive a car I always like to go fast and go around corners fast and what not, so I just know that when I get a dirt bike and I get better that I will want to go fast down the straight roads and stuff. One of you guys said that it will be hard to find a good condition XR400.... I am going to be looking at 2000-20004 XR400. So will it still be hard to find a good condition XR400 around that year? Were you just talking about XR400s around the 90's?
  14. Are they like a XR? Aircooling?
  15. Yeah I agree. I definately want something that won't need a lot of matinece. I will be buying second hand aswell so if I get a XR then chances of it being in good condition are better then some other bike that needs lots of matinece. I know a few people with dirt bikes and some of my other friends are also wanting to get dirt bikes. I will probably be riding around by myself most of the time though. But how is the aceleration? Is it mainly the aceleration that everyone is complaining about? and of course the weight of the bike.