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  1. I did the power up kit. Now it pops and back fires on decell. It has a slip on and the air box done.
  2. That is ride share.
  3. Let them take a NAP. It was a muddy and hard day.
  4. I have used s socket with an extension on it. This workes the best I have found.
  5. Responce to the non riders. If I had to explain you would not undre stand. This is best for the book smart ones.
  6. Yes they will. I have a 07 525 xc and a 08 530 exc and I flip the SM and dirt wheels back and forth. No problem with it.
  7. The seepdo will fit and also the light will. just plug and play. I did it to my 07 xc.
  8. Seven years got married. Sold bike. got devoriced. Now I have more bikes than before. And the 2 girls love riding. Exwife 1 Bikes 6 Bikes win
  9. Glamis this year. My first time in the sand and I am going to do it again. Even that on the last ride that day I broke my collor bone.
  10. What about the father and daughters who ride together. ttr 90 is my 9 year olds, ttr 125 is my 11 year olds, and my 525xc
  11. I am trying to find a company who does guided off road tours in SO CAL. They must have acess to rentals for others in our group. Try ing to go in late Oct. Nov. of this year.
  12. I had a 02 xr650r for 2 years. And picked up a 525 during that time. The xr sat for six months. Then I sold it. I am on my 3rd 525/530. I dont regret it. My buddy still has his xr and is now looking for a 525. Good luck
  13. I sold my 2003 525 sx a few months ago. I put the Baja Designs kit on it. The kit comes with all of the wireing. It worked good. You might want to go with a bigger stator. I made mine a super moto. Six spd with 44t on the rear. the thing was awsome. I dont know how to post a pic of it
  14. 07 xc / And the new one