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    Which offroad for onroad?

    I am searching for answers on much the same question . Does anyone else have anything to add on the matter? cheers.
  2. CitizenKane

    CRF450X or KTM 450/525 EXC?

    Firstly thanks to everyone for taking the time to put in their advice on this matter I appreciate it . I have come to the conclusion that I was being unrealistic about the dual characteristics of these bikes (I wanted the best of both worlds ). Out of curiosity is it the sustained throttle which makes these bikes bad on the highway? I was thinking of alternatively chucking it on a trailer to get it where it needs to go but I am keen to open it up on both the beach and long trails (fire trails ect) as well as more technical tracks. If it cant handle highway exposure will it handle beach at higher speeds? also when I trailer it to the area where riding is to be concentrated are these bikes ok for shorter, lower speed or variable speed stints (i.e. from around town to ferry to beach and on roads between trails ect). Unfortunately I'm hooked on these two bikes, and lack exposure to the husky's or gas gas variety. I was told by someone that by changing the sprockets you can achieve better gearing for on road ventures (between trails and around town), is there any credence to this? I wouldn't use it as a commute vehicle during the week anyhow. Also is it advisable (in a pinch) when requiring a short highway stint just to limit the speed? Again plz try to ignore my newbie terminology , thanks guys!
  3. Gday all, I am reasonably new to the dirt bike scene so plz ignore my ignorance if it shines through every now and then. The bikes listed in the title are the bikes that i have been most exposed to as good choices. Specifically I'm after a bike which is 1. Highway capable (i.e. preferably 110kph cruising) 2. Not to heavy (still manouvarable on smaller tracks) 3. Not too much balls (remembering I'm reasonably new to the scene). I have been told that the CRF isn't any good at sustained highway travel (by a moron though, so I'm not sure how true it is). Obviously these bikes arn't built for road but I would definatly need highway capability which is why KTM is a consideration. I would very much appreciate any insight and/or experience that people could part with including other bikes which I havn't mentioned. PS I'm not all that keen on those hybrids which have road tyres and decreased ground clearance. Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers.