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  1. helo, it's been a very long time that i have been on this forum. Yesterday I have check again my valve clearance. On the first page you can see what kind of values I had last time. Now after a least 48h of driving MX and onroad I have measured this (I copy the last measured clearance also in this thread): 19-02-2007 Running Houres: 3h EX: Left side : Shim 290 - Big 0,25mm Right side: Shim 272 - Big 0,22mm IN: Left side : Shim 268 - little 0,13mm Right side : Shim 262 - little 0,14mm 18-03-2007 - EX: Left side : Shim 290 - Big 0,24mm Right side: Shim 272 - little 0,22mm IN: Left side : Shim 265 - little 0,12mm Right side : Shim 262 - little 0,13mm 30-04-2007 Running Houres: 12h EX: Left side : Shim 290 - big 0,24mm Right side: Shim 272 - little 0,22mm IN: Left side : Shim 265 - big 0,10mm Right side : Shim 262 - big 0,12mm 13-06-2009 Running Houres: 48h EX: Left side: Shim 290 – big 0,24mm Right side: Shim 272 – little 0,26mm IN: Left side: Shim 262 – big 0,10mm Right side: Shim 260 – big 0,12mm My first though if I read this measurements I would think it's normal worn of the valves. If I think then further, how long will this take? After howlong should a renew my valves? Also I prefer stabilised measurements sow I can thrust my motor. Should I redo the seat cutting with new intake valves or do you guys think this is normal? My setup: - Hotrod Stroker crank + Eddy Shim - JE Piston - compression of almost 13:1 - Hotcams with ATDC - TM 36 carb - Full Yoshi exhaust Line - MCCT from TT store Best regards Andries
  2. I have a modified Eddie JE piston for the stroker crank. maybe it can be dirt because i have driven for 8days after my buddy that makes alot of dust. But i have 2 filters. Pre filter and then the twinair filter.
  3. A ball hone? What will the balls do to the cilinder? Do you know the reason why there's to much oil? The piston rings have about 50h.
  4. Helo, Ok then I'm happy to hear that it's normal. But I have 2 other pictures. The last time that I open the cilinderhead I didn't find the piston so dirty. I also didn't change the buttom gasket because I didn't have new piston rings. I needed the Quad ASAP. The top cilinderhead gasket I have changed. Now I am about 30h further and I see this. What does this mean? I think to much oil because its sticky. http://users.pandora.be/KFX-Driver/IMG_7667.JPG http://users.pandora.be/KFX-Driver/IMG_7675.JPG
  5. Helo, I can feel them with my nail.
  6. Helo, On the picture you can see 6 black spots. These are little hols in the cilinder. Think that it calls pitting. What does this means if you guys see that?? Best regards Andries http://users.pandora.be/KFX-Driver/KFX-400/IMG_7688.JPG
  7. hello, it's been a while that i have post the latest news about my valve clearance problem. I have give my cylinder to a workshop to give it a control check. They didn't found something strange and all valves are closed. After that i have changed the shims to the specified clearance. After measurment i had a littel 0,13mm on left and a big 0,14 on the right. Now after a mounth, let say 4, 5h intensive driving on MX circuit i made the control again. I did the measurement without looking to the measurement that i write down the last time. I turn the cams 4 times and measured again. It was the same measurement. Then I compare my results with the one of the last time and they are exactly the same. Me happy of course! Up to a great summer! Thx for the backup TT Regards Andries
  8. I have also check if I have axial clearance on the cam shaft after tighten the bolts ans I feel just a little bit that i can move the camshaft up and down. In my thoughts it will not take effect after the cam chain is tighten up. Correct me if I am wrong. Also i have put the valve under the microscope and it's like new for me. I know sounds crazy.....
  9. i have check the seat and valve with a marker. Everything seems to be fine to me. I have a great seal between the parts. I am just afraid if i put it back together that after a mounth a must reopen the head.
  10. yes I am sure. I have check it at least 3 times to be sure. After every measurement a turn the motor till I come back on TDC and then i measure again and compare my results and they are always the same. What should I do before I put it together?
  11. Hello, Today I have open the head but I don't see something strange on the valve or seating. And now?
  12. i will contact eddie...
  13. i'fe got a powerlid on top for the big dirt and in inside I have a twinair that i every time change after a ride. I ride in dusty conditions but i think that was 2 times so i think that would not be the reason. I have drive before more in dusty conditions and the valves never decreased in clearance.